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IOP : The Handmaids Tale

No description

Sophia M

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of IOP : The Handmaids Tale

By Sophia Moosa The Handmaids "So, your the new one, she said."(Page10 : Line 32) The Commanders Wives "She's in her usual Martha's dress, which is dull green, like a surgeon's gown of the time before."(Page6 : Line 3) The Marthas "their red shoes"(Page4 : Last Para) "Red gloves"(Page4 : Last Para) "we learned to whisper almost without sound."(Page2 : Last Para) "The door of the room - not my room, I refuse to say my - is not locked."(Page4 : End) "Yes Ma'am"(Page13 : Line 9) "Sometimes i wish she would just shut up and let me walk in peace. But i'm ravenous for news, any kind of news; even if its false news." (Pg18 : Line 6) "The colour of blood, which defines us"(Page4 : Last Para) "She puts the veil on to go outside, but nobody much cares who sees the face of a Martha."(Page6 : Line 6) "brown arms"(Page6 : Line 9) "it's the red dress she disapproves of, and what it stands for."(Page6 : Line 17) "The Marthas know things, they talk among themselves, passing the unofficial news from house to house."(Page7 : Line 27) "The Marthas are not supposed to fraternize with us."(Page8 : Line 5) How does Margaret Atwood centralize the theme of feministical hierarchy with the use of colours? "She wanted me to feel that I could not come into the house unless she said so."(Page10 : Line 34) "I was expecting a Martha, but it was her instead, in her long powder-blue- robe."(Page10 : Line 31) "So,what's his face didn't work out, she said."(Page12 : Line 7) "As for my husband, she said, he's just that. My husband. I want that to be perfectly clear. Till death do us part. Its final."(Page13 : Line 26) "we could stretch out our arms, when the Aunts weren't looking, and touch each others hands across the space." Thankyou! 1.Marthas
3.Commanders' Wives
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