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Mr. Smeaders Vacation

No description

Jake Davidson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Mr. Smeaders Vacation

Mr. Smeaders Vacation By: jake Davidson peru one U.S. dollar compared to a peru dollar is $2.83 peruvians the average temp high is 68 and low is 58 the food they usually eat are corn, potatoes, and beans Costa Rica one U.S. dollar compared to a costa rica dollar
is 515.73 Colones. the average high temp there is 78 and the low is 62 they usually eat rice and beans. Nicaragua one U.S. dollar to a nicaragua cordobas is $21.13 the average
high temp is
88 and low is
73. they usually
eat rice, beans, and meat. PERU
in peru Mr. Smeader will be going on a bike tour of lima and after that he will be going to a zoo called parque de lus leyendas. Then he will take a rest and go eat but after that he will go to the Amano Museum. Thats what he will be doing in peru. this is were he is going in
costa rica. Costa Rica
Mr. Smeader will be going to an Arenal
volcano and hot spring days trip from San Jose.
The next place he will be going is on a Rainforest
combo tour.The final place he will be going is on a ATV tour
aroung the central Costa Rica valley.
the first place Mr. Smeader will be going is the cerro negro volcano. the next place he will be going is the Museum of Legands and traditions. the final place he will be going is the ruins of leon viejo.
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