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Ethical v unethical advertising

communications project

Kevin Mangan

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Ethical v unethical advertising

Choose examples of marketing communication campaigns which you feel illustrate either an ethical or unethical stance. The Brief: The Group - Jade Kenny
- Gavin McEneaney
- Sinead Rynne
- Kevin Mangan Gav & Kev - Starbucks

- Ethical front to cover
an unethical practice Sinead - Pampers

- Ethical front for
an ethical company Jade - Road Safety Authority (R.S.A.)

- Advertising that may seem
ethical or unethical depending
on the viewer - Over 20,000 outlets!
- 61 countries! - Heavily promote ethical
practices throughout the
media to create a halo
effect - Campaign encourages consumers to
bring re- usable mugs

- Americans drink 100 billion cups of
coffee annually.

- At least 14.4 billion are served in disposable
paper cups. That’s enough cups to wrap the
earth 55 times! - Most of their paper cups are un-recyclable
due to the plastic lining inside the cup

- Only some areas of the US support recycling
of this type of material, the rest goes to landfill Aim by 2015: Cups = 100% recyclable

Coffee = 100% ethically sourced Reasons they promote good ethics: - Portrays a good public image of the company.

- Rapidly expanding - want to protect image as
being a socially responsible organisation and a
good choice for consumers.

- Their ethical practices soften the capitalist
nature of the company.

- Premium product image, justifies premium

- Increased focus on ethical and moral issues in
business generally. Increased consumer
awareness of corporate responsibility. Ethical Sourcing - Worlds Largest buyer of Fair Trade or CAFE sourced coffee

- CAFE (Coffee and Farmers Equity Practice): Starbucks' ownin-house grading system - Part of a campaign in
UK & Ireland in 2009

- Message shows that 100%
of their espresso coffee is
FairTrade certified

- Misleading – only 12% of
their coffee is sourced from
Fair Trade countries globally.

- Espresso beans are only one
variety. UK & Ireland Campaign - FAIRTRADE is a marketing tool to portray an
image of social responsibility and fairness.

- Allows the company charge a premium

- Coffee farmers receive a tiny fraction of cost FAIRTRADE... ...Fair to who??? FAIRTRADE... Fair to who??? - Starbucks take advantage of this logo for
promoting the halo effect of their brand to

- New Black Magazine: “Oxfam stated coffee
farmers are getting, on average, 24 cents a
pound while consumers in rich countries are
paying $3.60 a pound – a mark up of 1500%”

- Starbucks involved in legal tax avoidance tactics.
The Guardian reported that they had apparently
paid just £8.6 million in corporation tax since 1998
out of a total £3 Billion in revenues Department of Environment
R.S.A. Advert Background to the Advert RSA want to highlight the dangers of speeding.

At the start of the ad, we see a young couple who are very much in love. Suddenly, the romantic atmosphere changes to tragedy.

Displaying how fast the situation can take place. Ethical dilemmas Their adverts are deliberately shocking, almost uncomfortable and unbearable to watch.

People emotionally engage with this advert, because it is so shocking.

Some people may find this advert offensive or too gruesome.

So is shock advertising unethical or ethical? Justifiable or undesirable? Thanks for listening
Any Questions? Ethical Unethical Showcases a very serious issue as they're trying to prevent people speeding. The displays too much blood guts etc

Not allowed be shown on Irish television before 9 pm because of this. School of Thought Consequences Both right and wrong

Unethical as it can be offensive especially to people who have had relations in accidents.

It’s ethical because it’s very important to raise awareness about this issue . The Verdict on Shock Advertising Opinions on shock advertisements are divided.

Some say companies use shock tactics to:
emotionally manipulate viewers
commercialise serious social issues

Others praise them for highlighting the very same issues. How People Engaged with this Advert The Road Safety ads have a high recall rate, this is most likely due to the shock factor that they convey.

They have repeatedly achieved top scores for awareness and influence .

The campaign aims to ‘get into people's heads in Ireland, their hearts, their homes, their conversations, their relationships’. References: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=KRFofwu-0o4

http://inhabitat.com/greening-your-coffee- habit-ecotainer-hot-beverage-cup

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http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/ poll/2012/oct/16/taxavoidance-starbucks

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