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The Wright Brothers

How the Wright brothers changed the world.

Kory Broussard

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of The Wright Brothers

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Images from Shutterstock.com Their first success at making a working airplane was met with skepticism. Due to the skepticism, Wilbur went to Europe and found a much more receptive audience. While Orville stayed behind to convince the U.S. Government to buy their planes. The government was reluctant to believe the brothers claims, because they had previously funded many failed flight experiments.Then the army demanded a passenger seat was put in the plane after Orville showed them his plane worked. He sold the plane for $30,000. Also when Wilbur was in high school he got hit in the face with a hockey stick and was to depressed to get his diploma or go to Harvard. "Orville Wright." 2013. The Biography Channel website. Feb 04 2013, 11:29 http://www.biography.com/people/orville-wright-20672999.

"Wright Brothers Biography."2013.The Biography Channel Website. Feb 04 2013, 11:36 http://www.biography.com/people/groups/the-wright-brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright By Kory
P.6 1/27/13 take flight 1867-1912 1871-1948 ' ' Orville and Wilbur Wright are known for inventing the airplane. The brothers changed the way humans traveled drastically. Speed of travel has been increased greatly. Mail can now be transported much faster due to toe air mail service. Also, The way war has been fought has become more deadly and their is now a new war zone- the sky. Orville grew up one in five children with Wilbur as his favorite playmate. His bond with his sister Katherine was almost as strong as his bond with Wilbur. Orville was the mischievous and curious boy who wasn't especially studious. Wilbur was the bright and studious child who excelled in school. Their Father was often gone for church work,
but one day in 1878 he brought home a toy helicopter for his boys. That toy sparked their interest in flight. n a memoir Orville wrote "We were lucky enough to grow up in an environment where there was always much encouragement to children to pursue intellectual interests; to investigate whatever aroused curiosity," And they did that exactly from owning a bicycle shop to building the first working plane. Wilbur newer bi-plane Wilbur and Orville went from owning a bicycle shop to building a new type of bicycle to building a whole airplane. They had much success through their life whether it be a new Wright brother bicycle or a new mode of transportation. The brothers actually succeed in getting contracts from the U.S. AND Europe. Orville The Wright family had five children. Orville and Wilbur Wright were the two buys who invented the airplane. Had a strong bond with their sister Katherine. The father Milton Wright died just a few years after Wilbur in 1917. The mother Susan died in 1889.
After she died the brothers beloved sister Katherine took over the household. In 1878 Milton brought home a small model helicopter for his boys.that made them love aeronautics. In 1889 the brothers started their own newspaper, the West Side News. In 1892 Wilbur and Orville opened a bike shop, fixing bicycles and selling their own design. December 17, 1903, they succeeded in flying the first free, controlled flight of an airplane. In July 1909, the brothers sold the plane for $30,000. On May 25, 1910, Orville flew for six minutes-with Wilbur as his passenger. It was the first and only flight the brothers would make together. The same day, Orville took his 82-year-old father out, for the first and only flight of his life. After Wilbur's death, Orville sold the company in 1915 Orville opened a print shop and created his own printing press.
The brothers opened a bicycle shop in 1892, selling and fixing bikes. In 1896 they started manufacturing their own design. Orville invented a self-oiling wheel hub for their popular bikes.
In the winter of 1885-86, an accident changed the course of Wilbur's life. He was badly injured in an ice hockey game, when another player's stick hit him in the face. "Wilbur Wright." 2013. The Biography Channel website. Feb 04 2013, 11:36 http://www.biography.com/people/wilbur-wright-20672839.
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