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Lowering the Drinking Age

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Nick Finney

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Lowering the Drinking Age

Should the Drinking Age be
Lowered in the United States? Eighteen year-olds have the right too... -Get Married
-Buy tobacco Products
-Serve Alcoholic Beverages -Vote
-Run for office
-Serve in the military The minimum legal drinking age, MLDA, should be lowered in the United States from 21 years of age to 18 years of age in order to fix the underage drinking problem we have in the US, and because European countries with much lower MLDAs do not have as many underage drinking issues. Underage Drinking An American Brew Excessive underage drinking is prevalent every college campus across the country. Underage binge drinking causes many arrests, injuries, and even deaths every year. Reasons to lower the drinking age -Citizens are legally adults when they are 18.
-European and South American drinking ages.
-To reduce the number of underage alcohol related injuries, fatalities, and arrests. Opposing Views -18 year old adults are not mature enough to safely consume alcohol.
-The human brain is not fully developed until their early 20's.
-Young adults that drink alcohol are more likely to develop drinking problems later in life. Credits http://news.charlesayoub.com/index.php/article/11227/Drunk%20driving%20accidents%20shoot%20up%20in%20many%20states
http://smartersmokingnews.wordpress.com/2012/04/12/fda-guidance-on-modified-risk-tobacco-products-puts-nearly-insurmountable-barrier-in-front-of-the-development-of-reduced-risk-products/ Underage drinking can harm both the
intoxicated person and innocent people.
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