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Abraham's Daughter

No description

Leslie Way

on 27 March 2016

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Transcript of Abraham's Daughter

Examples of Modern-Day
Child/Human Sacrifice
A Call to Intervene
Genesis 22 - The Akedah
"Abraham's Daughter Raised Her Voice"

"Abraham's Daughter"
The Hunger Games
God's Call for Slaughter
Abraham's Choice
Isaac as Sacrifice
Angel's Intervention
Angel's Call for Slaughter
Abraham's Choice
Isaac as Sacrifice
Daughter's Intervention
Capitol's Call for Slaughter
Random Choice
Prim as Sacrifice
Katniss' Intervention
Advocating for those who are marginalized, dehumanized, or silenced
Questioning those who abuse authority and power
Challenging dominant narratives which perpetuate abuse
Child Abuse
1 in 10 experience maltreatment
1 in 16 experience sexual abuse
Violence Against Women
3.5 in 10 experience physical or sexual violence
3 in 10 murders committed by intimate partner
Death Penalty
32 states currently uphold the death penalty
Black defendants with white victims 9 times more likely to be executed than white defendants with black victims
"Abraham’s Daughter is not a gentle Midrash, nor is it an “ideal” expression of the way in which we can reclaim and re-imagine the divine. It does, however, speak to many of our experiences and to our culture’s “closeness” to abusive power. And I believe, like this daughter, we can use our closeness to powerfully counter and hopefully, creatively transform the kind of power that maintains abuse in our lives."
--Sara Frykenberg
How can you raise your voice for them?
What do you risk when you embrace this call to intervene?




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