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No description

Kaylin Brockman

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of ScentsAbilty

"Lighting the Path to Independence One Candle at a Time!"

How it all started...
It all started with Jessica, a young woman with special needs.

Her parents were having trouble finding a job to teach Jessica the skills she needed as am adult.

One Christmas, after seeing how excited Jessica was to be giving her mother candles, an idea was lit.

Jessica and her friends could make their own candles, add scents, colors and packaging, and sell them. They would start in their home and go from there.

With Jessica’s success, her parents realized the potential for ScentsAbility to be a vehicle for many other young adults to realize their potential.

Beginning with Jessica’s friends, and soon expanding to other organizations that assist those with special needs, ScentsAbility soon became a home for many different indivduals to help them learn the independent skills they needed for the real world.

ScentsAbility Micro-enterprise, Inc. (n.d.). Retrieved June 9, 2015, from http://scentsability.org/

ScentsAbility is an organization that helps individuals with special needs learn job skills and be independent.

Their mission is
to teach them how to punch in/out for their shift
how to use a cash register
stock shelves alphabetize
count money
how to use a computer to ring up a sale, etc.

Building a better future for individuals with special needs!
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