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The Unreliable Narrator

No description

Stephanie Soto

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of The Unreliable Narrator

The Unreliable Narrator

How it Went Down
The Tell-Tale Heart
The Big Bear of Arkansas
Multiple Narrators
The Questions Asked
The Point of "Point of View"
Is he crazy? or not?
Narrator = Main Character - he speaks for everyone!

Old man - never speaks

Policemen - never speak

notice the craziness?!
Whole story based on him trying to convince people he's not crazy

Can lead to: lies, exaggerated details

Contradictions since the beginning
"Fluently...violent...low, dull, quick...steadily increasing"
Is he telling a true story? Or a fable?
Why the Exaggeration?
Extreme paranoia

Fixated on one object

Quote by Einstein- "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"
"He had the eye of a vulture"
What is this?

Speaking for others


Keeps us guessing!
The story is an example of Southwest humor

Hunters exaggerate about the creatures of "Arkansaw" (Arkansas)

Wishes to be known as a great hunter - the Big Bear of Arkansas
The narrator is a stranger in a foreign land who decided to talk with the hunter

Most of the talking is done by the hunter as he tells the stranger about the land of Arkansas

Hunter tells a story of an enormous bear he hunted

Sounds like a "tall tale." Evokes imagery of Paul Bunyan and his ox, Babe.
The story is told through the point of view of more than 10 characters

The characters each provide different information on Tariq, how the murder of Tariq went down, and on Jack Franklin

The more information we receive, the more confusing the reader gets in knowing what happened

Did Tariq have a gun or was he holding a snickers bar? Was he holding both?

Was Tariq going to join the Kings or did he keep his childhood promise?

Was Jack Franklin racist or was he just trying to save someone?
Will (aka eMZee)
"Who were you, Tariq Johnson? The question makes me smile...Tariq Johnson can be whoever I want him to be"

It could simply be to tell an entertaining story

But what if it's something more?

What if it's one last tale of "the good ol' days?"

An attempt by the "Big Bear" to hold onto his ideal "Arkansaw" before it was changed forever
A Tale of Glory
"Big Bear" tells his tale to thrill his listeners
Everything about his description of the bear is fantastic and exaggerated:
"Then the way his eyes flashed! why the fire of them would have singed a cat's hair; in fact, that bear was in a wrath all over."
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Stephanie Soto
Ana Barrios
David Rodriguez
Genelle Watson-Taylor

Team Divergent
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