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The History of the World According to Aidan

No description

Henry Cardinals

on 15 November 2017

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Transcript of The History of the World According to Aidan

Where were you Born?
In Peoria Illinois, But Me and My Brothers were raised in Henry Illinois.

When Did your family move to the Marshall County Area?
My Family has always lived here.
What is the Furthest you have ever been from Henry?
We were visiting family.
What event has had the biggest impact on you family?
The Birth of me and my Brothers.
Thank you!
History of the World According to Aidan
History of the world according to Aidan
By: Aidan

What do You Think has The Biggest impact on the World?
What I think had the biggest ipact omn the world was 9/11.
What is the Most Interesting Place you've ever gone?
Orlando Florida, Seeing Tutles and Dolphins at the Beach Was Awesome! Though, I will be going on a cruise to Mexico soooooo...
If you could go anyplace in the world, where would it be?
Tokyo Japan.
Because of the Pokemon Center and the Godzilla Tour
Who do you think the biggest Hero in the world is?
Obama. He's a good guy and he helped America grow.
Who do you think the biggest Villain in the world is?
Hitler. He Killed Jews.
What is the biggest problem facing the World today?
Is it fixable?
World Hunger
Maybe, The world will never know.
What do you think America's responsibility is regarding World Problems?
To Solve World Famine
Or to keep wars from starting.
What do you think YOUR Responsibility is regarding World Problems?
To make a Statement. To let you'r voice be heard.
What world Event do you wish you knew more about?
ISIS And Terrorism.
What Event in History do you know most about?
The Titanic.
When you die,
What do you want you'r Legacy to be?
My Writings.
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