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The Start of the Build

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of The Start of the Build

13, June, 1775
Beginning of the Build
The Start of the Build
Presentation 1 of 3
By Ravi Vasan
We started building the fort atop Breed's Hill as well as a runaway route to Bunker Hill. Our officials who brought me, one of the 1,200 soldiers that have been stationed to make a base on top of Breed's and Bunker Hill had found out about an incoming attack that would be sprung against Philadelphia. The British were seeking control of Philadelphia so that they could overthrow the Continental Congress.
We had to build a strong, sturdy base around Breed's Hill and a small fence around Bunker Hill. The big base on Breed's hill wasn't able to stretch all the way around because of how much supplies it took up. But the fence around Bunker Hill was able to stretch all the way around because it didn't take up as much supplies.
Supplies for Battle
We are very low on ammunition and supplies much needed for battle. This attack is questionable from all sides. The British might be expecting much more from us even if we haven't won a battle yet. We prayed for reinforcements but didn't get them. We wished that we even had a chance of getting them to go back to there base after losing a battle.
During the Build
We have been working for 3 days now under the command of General
William Prescott to build a base that I am already feeling satisfied with. It has begun to take shape and is really turning
into a base. Even if it
was hard, it was
worth it.
End of the Build
15, June, 1775
14, June, 1775
14, June, 1775
General Prescott had told us that he had faith that our base will keep the Redcoats away from Philadelphia. He has also told us that whenever they attack, we shall be ready with our muskets to fight and win a battle. This had given us much confidants in protecting Philadelphia.
16, June, 1775
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