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charlie nimmo

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of SPICESS

7 key concepts
everything has a location on the space that is the surface of the earth, and studying the effects of location,the distribution of things across this space is organized and managed by people , which helps us to understand why the world is like it is
-hot deserts are closer to the tropics than cold desserts.

-the namib dessert is influenced by cold ocean currents that blow onto the desserts
the world is made up of places, so to under stand our world we need to understand its places by studying their variety, how they influence our lives and how we create and change them.
-people who live slums are very poor.
-slums are different to where i live because where i live no one is poor.
people and things are connected to other people and things in their own and other places, and understanding these connections helps us to understand how and why places are changing.
-where its rains regularly there is a higher population because there is easier access to water.
-there is also more vegatation in areas with higher rainfall because it is easier for it to grow.
the concept of change is about using time to better understand a place, an environment, a spatial pattern or a geographical problem.
-over time sydneys suburban area has nearly quadripeled in size since 1917.
-all of the earliest setellments are located very close to the coast.
people live in depend on the enviroment, so it has an important influence on our lives.
-urainium is mined in colarado
-diggers and tools have helped to change this mining environment.
sustainabilty is about maintaining the capacity of the environment to support our lives and those of other living creatures.
-solar power is sustainable because it is harnessing a limitless resource.
-solar panels harness the of the sun.
when we examine geographical questions at different spatial levels we are using the concept of scale to find more complete answers.
-at a zoomed in scale you can see alot more detail.
-the main information this map is trying to show is areas of transport
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