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Adolf Hitler

No description

Jesse Pendleton

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Adolf Hitler

Hitlers Rise to Power
Thank you for listening!
Hitler's Mission
Hitler Biology
Hitler's Biography
Adolf Hitler
Hitlers Rise to Power
What we will be learning today
Hitler's wife Eva
Hitler's Mission
By Jesse Pendleton, Davis Tran, Jaime Villalpando, Jose Zeferino
Born in 1889 in Bramu An In Austria

Society rid of Jews
Blamed Jews for the loss of Great War
Tried to infect Germans with their genes
Blamed Jews for killing of Christ
The perfect German Race
Blue Eyes and Blond Hair
Illegitimate Children
Lebensborn children
Hitler started off by enlisting into the army for World War One
It was not until the Great Depression when Hitler saw his opportunity to rise to power
Hitler ran against Paul van Hindenburg for presidency
Hitler had lost to Hindenburg yet he was not finished
In 1934 Hitler was moved to the head of state due to the death of Hindenburg
That is when Hitler would start his rise
He was the fourth of six kids
He loved art, but his father didn't
Applied for art school, but got rejected
Hitler joined the German army during World War One
When the war was over he was already a corporal in the German Army
During Germany's Great Depression, Hitler was thrown in prison for treason, there he wrote his book, Mein Kampf
His book talked about his Anti-Semitic ideals
Hitler personally drew this sketch of his wife
Their honeymoon only lasted one day. the day after their marriage
They both committed suicide in Hitler's bunker in April 30, 1945
Hitler committed suicide in April 30,1945
Parents were said to be racist
Lived in a Vienna where the mayor was an extreme anti-semitism
Vienna Academy of fine arts rejected him
Influenced by by the book "The Protocol of Elder Zion"
To gain political power over Germany
Accused Jews for econimic problems
Half of the newspapers
80% of chain stores
Private banks
Accused the Jews for the loss of World War I

Work Cited
Adolf Hitler's life
Rise to power
Hitler's Mission

Now is the time when we will answer your questions.
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