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Rebecca Dubis

on 2 February 2014

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Media Ladies, for now I have designated different areas for each of you to work on putting in a summary of your individual presentations. Also, if you look below, you will see an area where you can contribute to our group presentation about stereotypes in social media. Stereotypes of Women in Media Sarah Olivia Alexis Sofie is a crazy person VS Mermaid Questionable??? Human Ariel misses the concert because she is collecting human junk. King Triton forbids Ariel to visit the surface and human world. zoom in more until the lettering goes grey, then double click to start typing :) Ariel saves and falls for Prince Eric. King Triton destroys Ariel's collection. Ariel trades her tail for legs and finds Prince Eric. Prince Eric begins to fall for Ariel. I did a series of Google searches in order to see what kind of websites and images I would find from just a few, simple searches. Ursula becomes a human to sabotage Ariel. Prince Eric almost marries Ursula. Ariel returns to mermaid form. Ursula steals her. First search: "Women in Sports Media" Prince Eric saves the day. First result: “Association for Women in Sports Media (AWSM)” support network and advocacy group for women who work in sports writing, editing, broadcast and production, and public and media relations
promoting and increasing diversity in sports media through internship and scholarship programs
promoting fair portrayal of female professionals in sports media
encouraging positive workplace environments and equal access to opportunities Ariel returns to human form and marries Eric. What does it mean? As Ariel saves Prince Eric, she also deliberately disobeys her father. Ariel's immediate infatuation with Prince Eric as well as her disobeying her father's wishes demonstrates her emotional and psychological immaturity. When she visits Ursula, Ariel shows poor judgement and decision making skills. When Ariel trades her voice and tail for legs, she creates a message for young girls that says girls should change their body to be something they aren't to please men. When Ursula transforms into Venessa, she goes from a fat, old lady to a young, skinny woman. Very rarely do you see an overweight "good guy" and very rarely do you see a truly beautiful "bad guy." Prince Eric stabs Ursula with a spike off his ship. The man saves the day, rather than a strong female. In the end Ariel returns to human form to marry the prince. This time, however, she does so with her father's blessing and gets a rainbow at her wedding. Human Mermaid Human (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Melody, collecting sea junk, is late to her party. Ariel forbids Melody to go in the sea. Melody runs away to Morgana's lair. Morgana, Ursula's evil sister, threatens Melody. Morgana turns Melody into a mermaid. Morgana convinces Melody to steal King Triton's trident. Ariel returns to the sea to find Melody. Melody makes friends, which is very difficult for her. Melody delivers the trident to Morgana, who enslaves all the sea creatures. Melody becomes human again. Because Melody is human, she saves the ocean and reunites land and sea. What does it mean? Like her mother, Melody is unhappy with herself, and feels connected to a different life style, demonstrating the mother-daughter bond. Morgana's body skinny, but she isn't a very good villain. She is weak and insecure, constantly comparing herself to Ursula, whom her mother favored over Morgana. Morgana's convincing Melody to steal the trident is an example of the threat and influence society poses to early teens. Social Media a note, im not saying mine should be first, im just checking out the zoom path features -jordan Morgana's convincing Melody to steal the trident is an example of the way in which outside forces can influence people. This is very positive because women are typically underserved within this career path! A large goal of this group is equalizing the opportunities of both women and men. Second result: “25 Hottest Women in Sports Media” #25: Meredith Marakovits,
WFAN & Comcast Sportsnet Philly #24: Ilaria D'Amico,
Sky Sports Italia #23: Samantha Steele,
ESPN & the Longhorn Network #21:  Kirsty Gallacher, Sky Sports #19: Kristina Akra, SEC Gridiron Live #2: Marisol González, Televisa Deportes What did you notice?
Did you find anything interesting? My Observations: Some: very professional, actually look like sports broadcasters, comfortable enough to be with children
Others: revealing bikinis, skin tight dresses, posing, excessive makeup, airbrushed, “mad model look,” whitened teeth, fake eyelashes, dyed hair, tanned, topless, emphasis on breasts
While women in sports media can be portrayed as very provocative and often are, not all are like some think, which is a positive. Second search: "Women Playing Sports" Movies d Movies Many movies you see may show women to be either helpless, have to "battle the all problems" such as anorexia, depression, etc. I want to address some of these to show that there are movies with strong female leads, no matter what society has to say about them, and to also show some negatives. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, AKA: Män som hatar kvinnor ("Men Who Hate Women") Lisbeth is strong, fiercely independent and self-sufficient, possessing a razor sharp personality, she is not one to be messed with. I admire her role in this movie because she shows how strong a female really can be. Even with all she had gone through, she refuses to be the victim. How she was exploited The advertisement behind the movie, many movie posters, showing Lisbeth topless, with Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) behind her or just her alone, I ask myself, why isn’t he topless as well? I’m sure we all know the answer, society rather see her topless. From the poster Hollywood wants us to see this movie as “A raging erotic, and sexy one” Those who have read the book know this is far from what is it. This is about violence against women, it’s made to raise awareness. This is what is happening and this is real. Something you notice about these? In this movie Bliss Calavander, a quirky, bold teenage girl constantly plagued with beauty pageants, even though she doesn’t want to be a part of them. Her mother is forcing her to be a part of them, because as a child her mother was a part of many beauty pagents. She would always talks to her friend Pash about wanting to escape. She finds out about an all girls roller derby team. She then lies about her age, and keeps it a secret from her mother. She discovers a talent and excellent ability for skating. The movie has both a positive and negative message, the positive message is to "Do what you love." and "Be your own hero" But also it shows it is okay to disobey parents and go off and do dangerous things, and to lie about your age. What did you notice this time?
Look again. Many of the women are pictured in completely inappropriate ways.

Examples: extremely short shorts, intentionally showcasing body parts, topless, using body parts to be humorous, playing a sport in undergarments It also directly shows how small details in a story can be changed to present an entirely different perspective, one that is not necessarily true. Melody's ability to make friends as a mermaid is due completely to her self-confidence. As a human, when she felt she didn't fit, she wasn't able to make friends because her self-confidence was low. Her personal transformation --both inside and out-- allows her to connect with other people. Melody's saving the entire ocean, due to her being human, allows her to see her worth and value as a human, not just as a mermaid. She comes to terms with herself, and changes her world for the better. It is completely unnecessary. The Positive Be your own hero !
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