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Take It Home: Apply Design Thinking

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sanja BasBal

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Take It Home: Apply Design Thinking

Take It Home: Apply Design Thinking
3 learnings from the course
1. how to create spaces that inspire creativity

2. the mindset - it is ok to fail and fail again

3. easy ways and tools for making prototypes and testings
Process Map
My process map hasn't changed from the first assignment as I have always started the process with the users' vision, then continued with finding different ideas and testing them until getting to the final solution.
Apply Design Thinking to Your Context
As a professional working in e-commerce, I find the course valuable for some insights that I have never thought about before. The process itself was already familiar to me, but some ways to think, frame problems and ideate were really useful.
I also learnt the way to test the clients' opinion by very simple methods that would have never occurred to me.

Design Thinking in My Context
Design Thinking is possible for everyone
Interviewing people and identifying yourself with them is a part of the challenge that I find very interesting as you find out a lot about different points of view and things that represent problems to different people.
This was the hardest part of the challenge for me as here came out all of my insecurities about being able to create something new and innovating, because, per default, firstly always occur the ideas that are invented and existing. It was really liberating to think as well in the terms of everything is possible and not to limit ourselves to what-we-think-is-possible.
Prototype and Test
This part was also challenging, but it taught me that prototypes can be made easily and cheap, in lots of different ways and was not at all as complicated as I previously thought.
Testing the clients about the usability of the web site
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