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Briova Q1 ROI

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Transcript of Briova Q1 ROI

Briova ROI
Optum ROI
Briova & Optum ROI
*Pharmacy would have most likely had to reship 50-75% of recovered shipments.
*Pharmacy would have most likely had to reship 50-75% of recovered shipments.
2017 Q1
2017 Q1
2017 Q1
Dawson Service Value
Guardian Angel
Our shipment analysis of USPS Optum HDP shipments reflected 4% of all late shipments did not show a delivery scan. Although it may seem low value shipments without a delivery scan may not seem to impact your organization, I do want to call to your attention a couple things.
For these shipments that do not have a delivery confirmation, you are at risk from an insurance carrier audit perspective.
From a regulatory perspective you could encounter drug diversion issues, and be at risk of non-compliance of dispensing regulations.
Our Guardian Angel Postal (USPS) program can significantly reduce your exposure on these shipments by enhanced communication with the Members and our integration with USPS to obtain delivery confirmation status and close the gap on your current risk and exposure.
USPS Program
Dawson Healthcare Solutions is the industry leader in emergency response and final mile logistics.
Our Guardian Angel Program enhances Member outcomes and experience, reduces pharmacy re-shipments, and the costs associated.
We provide 100% visibility on all of your shipments, logistical support and reporting analytics.
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