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Into Thin Air

english 10H- independent novel project Q4

Hannah Wistort

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air by: Jon Krakauer Jon Krakauer is hired by Outside magazine to write about the commercialization of Mount Everest. Krakauer who is a mountain climber decides to join the expedition to the summit with guide Rob Hall from Adventure Consultants. Having a guide allows climbers with little experience to get to the summit. But the price tag is $65,000. Through out the climb Krakauer narrates his teams expedition. The expedition uses the south col route. The route starts at basecamp with four camps to follow before the summit. Krakauer also discusses other expeditions going on during his and he talks about the history of climbs on Mount Everest. It has been Krakauer's dream to climb Mount Everest since he was a child. His desire drives him to accept writing the article and joining the Adventure Consultant climb. However, little does he know he is partaking on the most disastrous Everest expedition in history. All of the clients on Krakauer's team have trouble acclimitizing to the altitude changes. They move slowly, tire easily, become sick and lose weight. However the expedition does not start to really break down until the summit push, when a terrible storm hits. About the Author born: April 12 1954
is an American writer and mountaineer
writer of Into the Wild Summary Genre: Nonfiction, adventure
Written: parts written on Mount Everest in 1996, the rest written in Seattle Washington in 1996
Published: 1997 Quotes Review Thoughts: I loved this book. It was incredibly exciting and scary. I couldn't put it down. It was interesting because Krakauer discussed a lot of the history of the Mount Everest expeditions as well as his own account. Krakauer is an incredibly descriptive writer who is very good at using imagery. Krakauer's words made me feel like I was climbing Mount Everest. You also get a first hand account of his excitement, fear and the guilt he feels in the aftermath. The tragedy he describes is so shocking that it seems unreal. Anyone who is interested in adventure books would love this novel. "Into Thin Air." Better World Books. Better World Books, n.d. Web. 5 June 2011. Before reading this novel I didn't realize that thousands of people have climbed Everest. For some reason I thought it was only a handful of people. Conflicts have also appeared on who should be allowed to climb Mount Everest. Some people are very upset because now basically anyone who has $65,000 can go an expedition. In the past climbing Mount Everest was only for people who had tons of experience. "Dick Bass--a wealthy fifty-five-year-old Texan with limited climbing experience--was ushered to the top of Everest by an extraordinary young climber named David Breashears" (Krakauer 23) "To be invited on an Everest expedition was an honor earned only after you served a long apprenticeship on lower peaks, and to actually reach the summit elevated a climber to the upper firmament of mountaineering stardom" (Krakauer 24) "Hall, Harris, and Litch were in complete agreement that sooner or later a major disaster involving a large number of clients was "inevitable."..."Rob's feeling was that it wouldn't be him; he was just worried about 'having to save another team...'" (Krakauer 52) "They helped outsiders find their way into the sanctuary and violate every limb of her body by standing on top of her, crowing in victory, and dirtying and polluting her bosom" (Krakauer 356) Neal Beidleman, a guide from another team who faced the disaster as Krakauer had,

"...recalled what it felt like to be out on the South Col, huddling with his group in the awful wind, trying desperately to keep everyone alive. "As soon as the sky cleared enough to give us an idea where camp was," he recounted, "it was like, 'Hey, this break in the storm may not last long, so let's GO!' I was screaming at everyone to get moving, but it became clear that some people didn't have enough strength to walk, or even stand.
People were crying. I heard someone yell, 'Don't let me die here!' It was obvious that it was now or never. I tried to get Yasuko on her feet. She grabbed my arm, but she was too weak to get up past her knees. I started walking, and dragged her for a step or two, then her grip loosened and she fell away. I had to keep going. Somebody had to make it to the tents and get help or everybody was going to die."
Beidleman paused. "But I can't help thinking about Yasuko," he said when he resumed, his voice hushed. "She was so little. I can still feel her fingers sliding across my biceps, and then letting go. I never turned to look back."

This passage shows how haunted survivors are to what went on that expedition. Beidleman had saved the lives of five clients by guiding them down the mountain, but he is tormented by the death of a client who wasn't even on his own team. I also didn't realize how destructive humans have become to the mountain. Many of the camps are filthy because of the amount of people who have stayed there. I never thought about what they did with feces or other wastes. Below a Sherpa describes how people have violated Mount Everest. Commercialization: is a major theme in Into Thin Air This is one of my favorite quotes, because it is such dramatic foreshadowing. Boynton, Robert S. "Jon Krakauer." The New New Journalism. The New New Journalism, n.d. Web. 5 June 2011. Brianne, Brett, Nick, Josh O, and Josh S."Mount Everest." n.d. Web. 5 June 2011
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