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The Legacy of Ancient Rome in the Modern World

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Edilore Marana

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of The Legacy of Ancient Rome in the Modern World

The Legacy of Ancient Rome in the Modern World
Here are the influences Rome has given us that we still use today:
1) Art
2) Architecture
3) Engineering
4) Language
5) Government
6) The Law
7) Religion
1) Art
Romans had a very realistic taste for art. Sculpture was perhaps the most popular way of doing art for Rome. They usually did art on real scenes, events, people, and situations that occurred in life.
The Legacy of Ancient Rome in the Modern World
Rome was such a big place and had a great empire. It has influenced us and other places in many ways. Even til now, Rome has influenced the world we live in.
2) Architecture
We use columns for our architecture which has been used in Ancient Rome. Columns are those tall poles you can see used for buildings. In Rome, the Pantheon uses columns that you can see in the picture below.
3) Engineering
Engineering is a little similar to architecture, but engineering shows the materials and things used to build new buildings.
Pictures of engineering in Ancient Rome
4) Language
Rome had a little influence for language we use today. It was when Romans had conquered England. They brought us a language that we use which is Latin. That is why we have some Latin bases.
Pictures of language for Ancient Rome
5) Government
Rome has had a big influence on us for government. They had a senate like we do today. Government was a big change for us.
Pictures of Roman Government compared to our Government Today
The U.S Senate
The Roman Senate
6) The Law
Rome has influenced the law for the U.S in many ways. Most ways that are used for the law are used today which was from Ancient Rome. Such as something called the establishment of guilt or innocent until proven guilty. Those things were used in Ancient Rome that we also use today.
Pictures of The Law for Ancient Rome
7) Religion
The two main religions that were influenced from Ancient Rome is Catholicism and Christianity. It was originated from Ancient Rome.
Represents Catholicism
Essential Question:
How has the seven legacies of Ancient Rome helped us in the modern world?
The seven legacies of Ancient Rome has helped us in the modern world by giving us good ways to help us survive our daily lives. It shows how we live and what we can do for ourselves to be independent and to entertain each other.
Thank you for watching my prezi presentation about the legacy of Ancient Rome in the Modern World! I hope you liked it :))
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