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Guiding question

No description

Jennifer Skelton

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Guiding question

Discussing with others
Guided Question
Teacher asked the students guided
question: Why do we need food?
Responses are displayed on a thinking map on smart board.
Through emails students be able to see the results of their work. An single classroom email account will be set through google where all students can access it. They will be encouraged to email back their responses.

Senior project:
Students can save all their work they have completed and use it in senior portfoilos under community service section to satisfy the graduation requirement.
Once charts are complete students use Aurasma app. to present to their classroom peers. iPads will be checked out to students from the school library and delivered to classroom. Students will use i pads to add trigger image (poster) and design the overlay and send to the teacher. Once the projects are reveiwed for quality by the teacher the students use ipads to explore other students charts.
Teacher proposes a project ideas to students by asking "Based on what we know what can we do to help others?" while students brainstorm the teacher guides them by suggesting various projects. This empowers the students to connect with something they learned and apply it. (Wanger 2012) Some possible projects could be food drives,information booths promoting nutrition, particpating in ongoing events such as the "got milk?" project.
Neccessary conditons:
Students desk are rearranged back into a horseshoe shape to promote active discussion. Once the students form groups they will begin to work towards a common goal. Students will begin to practice critical thinking, commnincation and problem solving skills . These skills are necessary for students who are working together to reach a goal.
Thinking map
Nescessary conditions:
All students are expected to contribute one response to guided question. Desks are arranged in a horseshoe shape with students on outside. This provides the discussion time with a positive and equalizing effect for students. (Presky 2010). Asking guided questions allows studets to research answers for themselves and helps students to develop critical thinking skill. In this particular disscussion students are drawing conclusions from peers.
Aurasm app will be installed to master computer and then linked to the ipad cart by the school's IT. IT will then email teacher when ipads are ready for use.
Necessary Condtions:
Clubs that are already involved such as PALS and ASB notified by email or in person.
Necessary conditions:
Contact information from other parties involved. Using the exsisting school district google account
students only need to set up the classroom with an account.
Students connect with organizations (either school or local) and begin to particpate in ongoing events. Student can particpate by donating items or organizing the food for the canned food drive. Other ideas include particating in infomational events taking place during the school day. Students are taking what they learned about nutrition and applying it to make help others in need (Prensky 2012)
Collaborating with others
Technolgy used:
Students can access information using different search engines such as
. Also, students can access the school's online book collection using
Destiny Quest moblie app.
This allows students to check out books anywhere using
cell phone or tablets.
Then, students will use
to display and share their poster.
Materials needed:
This discussion where students decide what project to do using the
could be a tool to record responses.
Sharing with others
Technolgy needed:
cameras internet computer (or tablet or cell phones).

http://www.google.com food
www.google.com aurasm icon
online library
pics by jennifer skelton
background by jenskelton
working with others
Connecting with others
Students form groups and select a major organ to research. Information is gathered from books, internet, and peer knowledge. Students make a chart illustrating an organ and listing what foods (vitamins and minerals) it would benefit from.

Classroom management:
One staff member is assigned to each group to guide students to find information. Staff will lead students to tools by asking guiding questions and provide necessary support as needed. (Prensky 2010). All students are expected to contribute by writing least two facts on the chart. Desks are arranged in clusters of 3 so studnets can work together.

Special circumstances: Since this is a moderate to severe classroom workload is modified.

Materials used
chart paper, markers, pencils, books and internet (cell phones tablets if needed).
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