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Ice Cream Beach *

No description

Josh Witt

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Ice Cream Beach *

Water park/beach
5 P's
Product: A water park for kids and adults
Price: General admission or customers are able to buy a season pass
Promotion: Target parents and convince them that we are place for your kids to spend a lot of their summer outside and active.
Public relations: A lot will be from word of mouth, but we will also use social media and newspaper and magazine adds.
Place: Rome, Ga
Knowing our demographics
I'd have to say we would probably use a Irregular Narrow Study for our water park. Try to figure out what kind of customer base we will have and that goes hand in hand with how many children are in the area. Something to start out with would be going to local youth sports recreation facilities and seeing how much participation they have every season.
What kind of opportunity is your community giving you?
If your community is in the "country club set", you could probably get by with serving premium ingredients in your concessions and charging a pretty penny for them. If they fall more into the "playground group", you might want to think about making your park open to the idea of people being able to bring their own lunches, that way you have more people staying inside your facility.

Do your homework
In data research, the ability to use your community to gather concrete information in figuring out what your customers want is key. Taking our vision and imputing our customers opinions on what they would like to see from us, is what is going to bring a successful and lucrative business

Ch. 5
Something for everyone
We have lounge chairs sitting in the sand for those who came to relax. They can grab a ice cream cone or frozen pina colada and soak up the sun. We also have all kinds of water slides and water recreation for those who came to thrill seek.
Ice Cream Beach *
Why we are different
Not only do we offer activities for the kiddos like water
slides, zip lines, and rope swings, we also have a beach
line stretching around the whole property for parents
to keep a comfortable eye on them. Our ice cream
theme is carried out throughout out park, from shakes and
cones at every corner, to our ever popular

water slides.
A little something extra
Something we have been thinking about early on is having local bands preform in a summer concert series after closing time on specific dates. If successful, we can start thinking about getting bigger, more premiere musical acts, as we grow.
Cool down with us
"Ice Cream Beach", clearly we are wanting you to come cool off with us during the dog days of summer. It speaks volumes of our brand to make sure we offer delicious treats everyday of service to our customers. That's what they are coming to us for, that's what our name entails.
If we tried to market a specific type of ice cream treat and that included Ben & Jerry's ice cream, we would have to "ok" it with them first to avoid lawsuit

The price you pay
We obviously want to make our water park affordable for everyone. Group pricing is something we can definitely take advantage of (I.e. church groups, summer camps/day-cares, baseball teams).

Getting our name out there
A quick way and efficient way to promote your business is through a newspaper or magazine. Word of moth travels fast and if you can get people talking through a drawn model inside of a newspaper or magazine that would be ideal so they can get a gist of what you are offering.

Offering a variety of ways to make our business is critical for early expansion. Ticket sales of course will be our biggest source of revenue. But concession sales and chair and float rentals would be something to look into as well. Coupons are a great way to get people into our park initially so they can see what we have to offer.
Ch. 12
Sponsorship is something key in starting a business. Without some outside help, funding for your business is gonna be slow. We could use sponsors from the chairs we use on our beach, to the ice cream that our customers indulge their selves with.

Knowing how your facility is being perceived by your customers is one of the only ways to get your business successful. Customer surveys is the most common way to get some automatic feedback.
EX. What attraction did you enjoy the most?
What ride did you not think about going down?
Did you use our concession at anytime on your trip?

Knowing your customers
Instagram, FB, Twitter
Using social media is something you cannot ignore anymore. If you want to get the word out there, that your facility is something to check out, its fun and enjoyable. Pictures are something that is invaluable, kids see their friends having fun at our water park, and immediately are asking mom and dad when they can go.

Public Relations
Having strong ties to our community is something that we would definitely take pride in and stride for. We are a company from scratch and need as many friends in our community as possible. With that, comes volunteer work, group benefits coming to our facility, and most of all positive vibes throughout the community about us.
Our price
I think one of the biggest things we need to worry about starting out is the price of admission. Without going under in our early stages due to low revenue, we have to come out with a price that gets everyone's attention. Make them think they are paying a fair amount for the product we are giving them.
Safety could be our downfall
We have to make sure that all of our equipment is up to date and safe every single day we open our doors to the public. Negligent lawsuits are huge in this business and in no way should we ignore the safety f our customers and in turn, the safety of our business.

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