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How To Make A Book Trailer

Become a digital native. Learn to make a book trailer and promote reading.

Michelle Harclerode

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of How To Make A Book Trailer

Make a Book Trailer
and are fun !
a digital native
"Engage Me" by National College for School Leadership
Your mission:
convince others
this is the book
to read
Movie Rule
Only 30% copyright free
pictures from the movie.
show how the book
is different from
the movie
2. Go Explore Book Trailer sites
Movies for Literacy
student made:
student made
teacher made:
Book Trailers for Readers
1. Pick your book
one you love
by hopeandmegan
by Amy-Wong
fuzzy pictures,
can't hear it,
music too loud,
Too much, too little:
I'm confused!
I can't wait to read this book!
It moves along,
it's exciting and
it makes sense.
and our own Diplomat site
step 1
step 2
Pick the right book
Watch other trailers
Write your script
Find your pictures
Use Photo Story 3
Import pictures/ title/credits
Match script to pictures
Flow and Focus
Enhance and Edit
Create Music
Test & Show -round 1
Narrate & Narrate again
Test & Show -round 2
Finalize & Present
step 3
3. Write your script
14 sentences
35 pictures
Long but Lively
A 2009 Book Trailer by Media Specialist
M. Harclerode, Diplomat Elementary School
Short and Sweet
Click this URL to watch the trailer
Book Trailers for Readers
Marissa's and Beccy's
Book Trailer
Diplomat Elementary School
Click this URL to watch the trailer
Book Trailers for Readers
10 Sentences
10 pictures
Study the narration of trailers you like.
They are clever.
Introduce characters and action, without giving away any plot twists.
End strong! " Read this fantastic book _____ to find out."
Also get your background information for your Opening Title
Book Title
AR Level
AR Points
This Book Trailer
has a rating of
3.9 reading level
and 4.0 points
4. Make A Folder
step 4
Give it a name
Green Eggs and Ham
Mrs Jonhson's class
Save it to Student Share
This is where you will save your
photos, your photo story and
your final product: the book trailer
Your teacher will help.
If you work at home you can save to your flash drive and then copy to your school folder.
Only 30%
Step 5
5. Find your Pictures
Yes you can draw and scan your pictures.
Take your own digital pictures.
Or find them online -copyright friendly.
Get Big Pictures
640 by 480 jpg
or bigger
Book Trailers:
Book trailers make you a 21st Century Learner : Engage Me
click the URL above and come back
click the URL above & come back
or watch a few right now!
I am a cat and
even I think this
is fun!
Book trailers are engaging
Why make a book trailer?
pictures !
This trailer is 2 minutes long.
This trailer is about
30 seconds long.
1. search on
the image site
2. strict filtering
640 by 480 or larger
labeled for reuse
3. important
click on the picture
to see full size
4. right click
save as - to your folder
name photo
note photographer
When people think
Harry Potter
they think of us.
I would have chosen another book.
We may not even be copyright free!
Mrs. H 's
I can make
a book trailer.
A trailer I can make
after I eat my cake.
1.Student share
2. Mrs. Johnson's book trailers
3. Green eggs and ham
character -
think 3
it takes a while
Setting and
Main Character pictures
This form may help you.
Yeah! You have done
the hard Part. Now
You are ready for
Photo Story.
by Shira Gal
Use these written tutorials
Download for Free
Microsoft Photo Story 3
We have it on all of our Diplomat Computers
Free Download
Create videos with free Photo Story software by Bill Myers
Mrs. H's Photo Story Tips
Pick the right book -done
Watch other trailers-done
Write your script- done
Find your pictures -done
Use Photo Story 3
Import pictures/ title/credits
Match script to pictures
Flow and Focus
Enhance and Edit
Create Music
Test & Show -round 1
Narrate & Narrate again
Test & Show -round 2
Finalize & Present
import your pictures
match your pix to your script
put them to order & add your script [skip ahead]
see if it flows and makes sense
if it doesn't go back find new pix or change your script
add that green background image for your title
add 3 black background images for your credit
[These background colors are in student share- Mrs H will help with this.]
1. Begin a story
save it to your file
2. Import & arrange your pictures
3. Now Enhance and Edit
Flow and Focus
play with your pictures: add an effect
if you crop make sure it is still 640 by 480
don't remove black borders
adding title on the pictures: no motion transitions
4. Skip ahead & add background music
use the create button and make music
or download copyright free music & use the select button
you can add silence from the create button
highlight on the timeline bar and put it very low
5. Test it and Preview
You can hit the preview button at anytime
did your music help enhance your story
before you narrate you want flow and focus
6. Narrate and customize motion
Try and narrate at one sitting
Use your voice - have emotion
If you are monotone with low energy
Here is where you want to show it to Mrs. H
or your mentor
customize motion
duration: number of seconds
defaults to 5 seconds
transition defaults to cross fade
you can change this too
7. Test 2: Preview Again
this is round 2
this is where to adjust narration & music
Here is where you want to show it again to Mrs. H
8. Finalize: Save the Story
The settings it defaults to works
If your photostory is in the student share folder
Mrs. H does the rest
Photostory will be saved as a WMV file
I will put it on the wiki if it is
You FINISHED the movie. NOW evaluate!
Dr. Geary's
Microsoft's :
"I feel excellent!... [Book Trailers ]give me something to be proud of and encourage me to keep having fun and working hard."
-student book trailer producer Kayla, Ms. Wahoff's 5th grade class
Dr. Geary and the Dakota State University
See what students
think about making
trailers. Lots of
helpful hints.

Take a look at
these trailers
Dog gone it
they're great!
Student Trailer by Kayla & Megan
Mrs. H Book Trailer
made with photostory.
Forget dogs.
she loved cats
& Highway Cats.
A student book trailer by Alex
A Mrs. H Trailer
made with Photostory
I love book trailers
and I love books!
you may use this Prezi just credit M. Harclerode at www.booktrailersforreaders.com
Ms. Johnson's students
David Jakes
Mrs. H Trailer made with Adobe premiere Elements 10.0
A doggone scary trailer
Mrs. H. Trailer
Made with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
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