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How to Use Social Media to Educate and Promote

Presentation for Illinois Counties Solid Waste Management Association Conference at Starved Rock Lodge

Holly Rushakoff

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of How to Use Social Media to Educate and Promote

How to Use Social Media
to Educate and Promote

Today's Agenda
I. How it works
Best practices
Basics of paid social media
II. Getting strategic
III. Evaluating effectiveness
IV. Staying current
V. Questions
Boost a post
I. How It Works
Best Practices on Facebook and Twitter
How many posts?
5-10 posts/week

What time of day?
When most of your users are online (see Page Insights > Posts)

Which types of posts?

Be responsive if anyone comments, reviews, posts to page, checks in
Follow allies and share their content
@Mention others in your posts so they are notified
Holly Rushakoff
Associate Director of Marketing
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Social media for University of Illinois since 2009
Presentations since 2012
Founded U of I Social Media Conference in 2014
Merging with U of I Web Conference April 2017; see webcon.illinois.edu

My challenge: Finding time to apply all the strategies—it could be a full-time job!

87% of Consumers Use
Second Screen Device While Watching TV (April 2015, Accenture)
Virtual Communities
Number of
active users on:

1.71 billion

More than 1 billion people use Facebook daily (1:7)


1 billion
More than half view on mobile


500 million
75 million daily users; 90% younger than 35


313 million
66% of U.S. companies with 100+ employees use it


212 million
Just 16 million truly post each month


110+ million

Millennials account for more than 7 out of 10 users


106 million
3 million companies have created LinkedIn accounts


100 million
50% of clicks happen after 3.5 months (long lifepan!)
Where is your audience?

1. Prioritize where you should be
2. Do that platform well
3. Then consider expanding
Total worldwide population is 7.3 billion
Internet has 3.17 billion users
2.3 billion active social media users (30%)
(As of July 2015)
How many posts?
What time of day?
Which types of posts?
Scheduling options

Most engagement with questions or images
Short form text posts (less than 50 characters) get the most interaction
Posts published on Sunday get more engagement on average—seems due to less competition from other posts
hashtags get more interaction than posts with hashtags
I. How It Works
Paid Social Media
Why Pay?
Organic reach continues to plummet: From January 2016-mid-July 2016, Facebook Pages experienced 52% decline in organic reach (SocialFlow).

And it's not exactly free anyways...
you're spending your time on it.
Photos, memes, infographics
Link to story
Call to action
Video (native file outperforms YouTube by 6x)
Facebook Live

Post Types
I. How It Works
Best Practices on Facebook and Twitter
How many posts?
3-5 tweets/day
(Avg 18-minute lifespan)
Or Wed, Sat, and Sun

What time of day?
1pm gets most RT
Noon and 6pm get highest click-throughs

Which types of posts?
RTs increased by 35% with images
#hashtags help increase followers
Links (ow.ly or bitly.com shorten for free)
@mention influencers, individuals, or
companies that you reference or may RT

(via SocialMediaWeek.com and massplanner.com)
How many posts?
What time of day?
Which types of posts?
Scheduling options

Scheduling Options
Hootsuite (free)
BuzzSumo analyzed over 1B posts from 30M brand pages on Facebook (Jan 2016)
Scheduling a post
SproutSocial (paid)
I. How It Works
Paid Social Media
What should I promote?
Critical information
Call to action
Your call
I. How It Works
Paid Social Media
What are my options on Facebook?
Boost post*
Boost event*
Create ad*
More page likes
Click "Call Now"
Visit website
Promote locally
I. How It Works
Paid Social Media
March 2015 —>
*=Vet Med has tried
A boosted post will appear to others who may be interested in it. You choose audience—gender, age, location(s), interest(s); budget; and how long to run it.
Boost an event
Similarly, a boosted event appears to others who may be interested in it, based on your targeting.
Create an Ad
II. Getting Strategic
What are your sources of content?
Can you delegate tasks to anyone?
Who can create graphics/take photos? Or will you pay for those?
How frequently will you post?
Can you allocate a budget for social media?
How does social media complement the overall communications plan?
Create an editorial calendar
Audit Your Resources
II. Getting Strategic
Themed days/weeks/months
Your events
Your stories, blogs
#TBT/Throwback Thursday
Tip Tuesdays
List of sources whose content you could occasionally share
Remember to be social
II. Getting Strategic
Bonus: Free Photo Sites

Designed text/infographics/quotes

III. Evaluating Effectiveness
Facebook Insights
Twitter Analytics
Google Analytics
Monthly report:
# new followers on each platform
# referrers to website from each platform
most engaging posts
look for patterns and anything unusual
IV. Staying Current
Sign up for e-newsletters
sundaynightmemo.com (Tracy Samantha Schmidt's)

Attend conferences
Multiple Ways to Reuse Content
Link to your story +
1) Headline
2) Question
3) Photo
4) Quote
5) Fact
II. Getting Strategic
(Highlight from U of I Social Media Conference keynote Tracy Samantha Schmidt, via Crain's Chicago Business.)
(Google "social media content calendar" for templates)
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