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Bridge to Terabithia Project By: Lucy A.

Bridge to Terabithia book project for my English class

Lucy Alvarez

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Bridge to Terabithia Project By: Lucy A.

Bridge to Terabithia Poster
By: Lucy A.

Character Growth
Author - Katherine Paterson

Character Gifts
Lark Creek is a very poor, small, run down, not well educated town in a rural area. There isn't much supplies for the school, which is old, not very big, and has few students. Jess and Leslie live near a creek and a forest, which is where they hang out most of the time. Lark Creek is kind of old fashioned, and slow on the new trends. Most women (especially women teachers) still wear dresses or skirts, which is why Miss Edmunds (Lark Creek Elementary music teacher) and Leslie get a bit criticized for wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Jess lives on a farm and has to milk the cow and pick/can the beans they grow. Leslie doesn't even have a T.V.! Both Jess and Leslie's house are in bad condition, until the Burkes decided to fix up their house. That's what Lark Creek is like.
"Bridge to Terabithia" by Katherine Paterson was a book about a boy named Jess and a girl named Leslie who become best friends and create an imaginary kingdom that only they know about called Terabithia. The book started off by giving you back round knowledge. You meet Jess and his family, get a description of the setting, and meet Leslie when she arrives. After that, on the first day of school, Leslie wins the races with the boys, and soon after, Jess and Leslie become friends. A little later, they create Terabithia, a land that's a secret to them only. Christmas time arrives and Jess receives paints from Leslie, and he gives her a puppy (who they name P.T.). Jess later gets Leslie to comfort Janice Avery, and took her to church on Easter. But then he goes to Washington, and Leslie dies from drowning. Jess then goes through the five stages of grief, and realizes that Leslie really is gone when he finds out that she's cremated. The Burkes take Leslie's ashes back to Pennsylvania, and Jess builds the bridge to Terabithia. He then makes May Bell (his little sister) the new queen of Terabithia. That's the story of "Bridge to Terabithia".
At the beginning of the story, Jess was a cowardly kid who couldn't swim, and was afraid to show his artistic side. In chapter 10, he said that he'd rather be born without an arm than to have "no guts". He said that he wasn't worthy to be a king if he was afraid of water, and he stomped on Gary Fulcher's foot when he wanted to see what Jess had drawn. When Leslie came and showed him how brave she was, that gave him courage. Leslie was brave and confident in (almost) anything she did. She encouraged his love of art, too. Only when Leslie died did Jess realize how brave she'd made him. After she died, he wasn't afraid to show his art anymore, and he felt free to be himself. So by the end of the book, Jess was a confident, brave kid.
At the beginning of the story, Leslie was like any 10 year old, with a nice family and such, but she was a bit odd. She was kind of a tomboy. She wore jeans and a t-shirt, and raced with the boys on the first day of school. She had a huge imagination, and she didn't have a religion. She sort of began to change when Jess invited her to church on Easter in chapter 8. Afterwords, she was wanting to know even more about religion, and was very fascinated with the idea of it. Jess also taught her to be kind when he got her to comfort Janice Avery when she was crying in the girls' room, even though she was a big bully to them. After Leslie passed away, Jess realized that she'd taught him many things, too. One thing he might not have known she taught him is that it's okay to be scared sometimes, but we should overcome those fears. When she went to talk to Janice, she was scared, but she talked to her anyway. Towards the end of the book, she had changed a bit, and taught Jess some great things.
Terabithia is an imaginary, magic kingdom Jess and Leslie created that's really just a forest near a creek behind Jess's and Leslie's houses.They are the rulers and the only people who know about it (until later when Leslie dies and May Bell becomes the new queen). The "only" way to enter Terabithia is by swinging across the creek on a rope hanging from a near by tree. The castle stronghold is really just a shack only big enough for the two of them sitting down, but they see it as a palace. There's a huge pine grove where the "spirits" are, making it a "sacred" place. In Terabithia, Jess and Leslie fight battles against imaginary giants, and more beats threatening their special, enchanted land. P.T. (Prince Terrien, Leslie's dog) is the guardian of of Terabithia, and the court jester. Terabithia is basically a place where Jess and Leslie can escape the world.
If I had to get three gifts for Jess, I'd get him a book of art and famous artists, a book on how to be like a king, and I'd give him swimming lessons. I'd give him the art book because in chapter 10, he was so fascinated with all the art in the museum Miss Edmunds took him to. I would get him the book on how to be like a king because throughout the book, he's talking about how he doesn't know how to act and speak like a king. I'd give him swimming lessons because he's afraid of the water, and therefore, can't swim. He even said in chapter 10, "If there was still water in the creek come summer, he'd ask Leslie to teach him how to swim." That's why I'd give those three gifts to Jess.
If I had to get three gifts for Leslie, I'd get her some new fantasy/adventure books she's never read (Harry Potter, etc.), a T.V., and I'd just talk to her more about Catholicism and Church. I'd give her new books because she loves reading about fantasy lands like Narnia, and she has a big imagination. In Chapter 4, she even says, "I know... it could be a magic country like Narnia, and the only way you can get in is by swinging across on this enchanted rope." I'd get her a T.V. because in chapter 4, she got humiliated in class because she had to tell the teacher that she didn't have one. I would teach her about Catholicism because she was so interested and curious about God and church and religion in general, really! That's why I'd give those three gifts to Leslie.
I believe that the theme of courage suits this story well, and I think that the lesson this theme teaches is that people aren't born with courage, but if you believe you have it, I think that you have it, and if you don't believe that you have courage, than you don't. I think so because Jess is always saying that he "was born with no guts", and he's kind of a coward. He's constantly thinking about how he's afraid of crossing the creek once it's full, and that makes him think of himself as a coward, which continues to make him a coward! However, Leslie doesn't care, and is always trying new things and believing in herself. That's why she comes off as brave to others. That's why I think the theme courage matches this lesson and book.
I think that the theme of friendship goes well with this story, and I think that the lesson it teaches is that friendship is important because family might not always be around to talk to you and comfort you, or to teach you things, so friends are good people to turn to. I believe this because Jess's mom is always at home, but she never asked him about his day, or how his life was going like most moms do. Jess's dad was always away at work, too, so Jess's friendship with Leslie was very important to him. Jess's friendship with Leslie was also important to him because he learned a lot from her. He learned about using his imagination, how to unleash his artistic side, and how brave Leslie had made him once she passed away. That's why I think that this theme and lesson go well with the story.
The author of this wonderful book is Katherine Paterson. She was born in China on October 31, 1932-present, and is now currently 82 years old. She wrote "Bridge to Terabithia" because she wanted to "make sense out of a tragedy that seemed senseless." That tragedy was the death of eight year old Lisa Hill, her son, David's, best friend, who was struck by lighting. She's also known for writing "Jacob Have I Loved", "The Great Gilly Hopkins", and "Of Nightingales That Weep". That's a bit about the author of "Bridge to Terabithia".
My Opinion of the Book
In my Opinion, I really love this book and I think all kids should read it, even though the ending is sad. The book is just one big tale of friendship and imagination, which I enjoy, and it has some great lessons, too. I can relate to it a lot, being as I have a couple friendships just like Jess's and Leslie's. I honestly have a big imagination, just like Leslie, so I actually get some inspiration from this book. My friends and I have actually come up with things like "Bridge to Terabithia 2", which is (obviously) a sequel, which makes me love this book even more!!! The book is just like life! It doesn't have a real positive spin on the world and life like other books. It doesn't make life feel like some big tragedy either. That's why I'm obsessed with this book!
Bridge to Terabithia 2
My friend and I have come up with kind of a fan fiction I guess. It's basically just a retelling of Jess's life, but with his son, who is almost exactly like his father. He is also best friends with a girl who is just like Leslie, and Jess and May Bell (who've grown to old for it) hand Terabithia over to them. This story is more about Terabithia and their adventures there, rather than just their life in general. This story talks about Terabithia exactly the way they see it, instead of just describing what it really is. We've decided to call it just "Bridge to Terabithia 2"for now, but we're working on a better title. That's what we've come up with so far.
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