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The Breadknife

No description

Wesley Wangster

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of The Breadknife

The Breadknife
Where is the Breadknife?
The Breadknife is located in New South Wales (NSW). It was made when part of a large shield volcano. The Breadknife is 850 metres high and 500 metres wide. The land form is a volcanic dyke made of trachyte. It was basically formed by hot magma spread through a soft rock.
A View of the Breadknife
My Hypothesis and Facts
My hypothesis that in 100 years The Breadknife will lose some of its rocks and could possibly be shaped like a knife.
Erosion Cycle
What is Erosion?
Erosion is when different types of elements such as water, wind or other natural agents pick up dirt rocks from Earth surface.
Wind Erosion
Wind Erosion is when stones or rock is blown and formed by a very strong wind.
Coastal Erosion
Now is the second last, coastal erosion. This erosion happens quite often. This is when the removal of beach or dune sediments are wearing of the land caused by wave actions, wave currents or tidal currents.
Glacial Erosion
Glacial erosion is when the movement of soil or rock is mves by the ice if a glacier.
Erosion Pictures
The Breadknife
1.) Shortest walk around takes roughly 5 hours.
2.) One of the jewels of Australia.
3.) Pyroclastic rock are found near the landform.
Here is a short video to enjoy!
Prepare to be blown away!
Labeled Diagram of The Breadknife
How human actions could prevent erosion?
* Made of trachyte (A igneous volcanic rock)
* Colour: Brown and reddish-orange
* Shape: A rectangular knife

Human actions could prevent erosion by not walking on rocks or not cutting down trees. There are many others ways that people can prevent erosion, but I just named a few. Such erosion can cause famous landforms. That is why there is popular landforms such as the Devils Marble.
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