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Roles of the President

No description

Sara Rodriguez

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Roles of the President

Roles of the President Chief of State Being Chief of state; the President symbolizes what our nation represents and head of the government. Chief Executive Being Chief Executive; the President holds the executive power of the nation and is head of domestic and foreign situations. Chief Administrator Being Chief Administrator; the president directs the Federal Government and one of the largest branches of government in the world. He administrates millions of employees under him. Chief Diplomat Being Chief Diplomat; the president structures our nations foreign policy and is the speaker on behalf of our nation to the entire world. Commander in Chief Being Commander in cheif; the president is the head of the military forces and they are to follow his word under all circumstances. Chief Legislator Being chief legislator; the president structures all public polices. Chief of Party Being chief of party; the president is the head of all politicals party in America. Chief Citizen being chief citizen; the president is to represent the American people and the country for which our Framers intended it to be.
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