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Angela shen

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Labor

Division of Labor
Career choices are wide and varied. Vocations such as teaching, research, and military positions are extremely respected.
The Athazelian society does not have a clear caste system with the exception of the special position of these careers.
To promote equality, every citizen is strongly encouraged to work.
The amount of pay does not discriminate between the general category of jobs: jobs in education, research, and military, et cetera are paid the same.
However, the amount of pay for specific jobs is different, with, of course, the most difficult and most integral jobs offering the highest pay.
Athazel is filled with small corporations to ensure that some companies do not have too large of an influence. For example, huge corporations may monopolize the market and take away competition. Banning large corporations promotes innovation and efficiency by allowing a diversity of ideas.
Retirement is usually at age fifty, and citizens may apply for retirement packages given by the Athazelian government of a set living sum every month. Citizens are still encouraged to have their personal retirement fund. Of course, citizens have the option of retiring later in life if they wish to do so. However, early retirement is prohibited.
Labor division is based on a person’s strengths, personality, and skills determined by a series of tests taken during the last year of high school.
The tests are written tests on certain subjects, and also place the citizen into simulations of real-life situations. The citizen may choose which subjects to take tests on, but he/she must be tested on the simulation and logic portions. The logic portion is a series of written questions asking the writer to critically analyze chosen phenomena using multiple tactics. However, these tests are not definitive but nevertheless play great importance in job applications. This way, a person’s natural talent is not wasted, but personal consideration, as they may pick the subjects they test, also comes into play.
Face-to-face interviews also play an integral part in hiring workers.
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