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Starwood presentation

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Ludovic Carniaux

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Starwood presentation

Sheraton :

- Mainly in USA and China
- Embrace very large targets : Families, business,...
- First hotel in Springfield 1937
- Biggest brand with 512 hotels in 83 countries
- Luxury and Upscale Hotels and resorts
- http://www.sheratonbrusselsairport.com/en/gallery

Starwood presentation
Let's start with a short video
1991 : Starwood capital Partners is founded in Chicago.
They are specialized in real Estate.
1993 : Starwood Capital buys their first Hotel. One year afterward they possess already more than 30 hotels in the USA.
1997 : The company deals an agreement with Westin Hotels and resorts, Sheraton comes a month after under Starwood propriety.
1998 : Starwood is reappointed as Starwood Hotels and Resorts. The company now possess more than 650 buildings in 70 countries. The first W openes in New York.
1999 :
- Starwood is the proprietor of Vistana
- Creates the fidelity program "prefered guest"
- The 100th Four Points openes in California.
2001 : The company is elected as the best Hotelier group at the World Travel Award.
2006 ; Le Méridien is the new brand of Starwood. More than 130 hotels are located in EU and in the Middle East.
2007 : Starwood Launches Aloft and Element. The first hotels openes in the Massachusetts.
2009 : About 200 Sheraton hotels are renovated and 60 new hotels openes. The company has invested about 6 billions $.
A partnership is created with Microsoft. A relation is Establish with Conservation International
2010 : Starwood opens its 1000th hotels in China.
They have slightly decreased their energy consumption.
2011 : The headquarter moves in shangaï. The company plans to open a hotel every 2 weeks in China.
History of the group
9 Brands
St Régis

- Luxury hotels and Resorts
- Target market : Luxury
- Located in the USA and Asia
- No St Régis in Belgium
- 46 hotels in 18 countries
- http://www.stregisbali.com/en/gallery
The Luxury Collection

- Unique hotels
- Target market : Pleasure, family
- 99 hotels in 33 countries
- No hotel in Belgium
- http://www.starwoodhotels.com/luxury/property/photos/index.html?propertyID=3024

W Hotels

- Upscale really designed hotels
- Target market : Bleisure, artists
- The most famous W is in Barcelona
- 68 hotels in 30 countries, but none in Belgium
- http://www.w-barcelona.com/en/gallery


- Upscale brand
- Target market : Family, pleasure, tourists
- Westin is the first brand of the company
- 238 hotels in 39 countries
-Mainly located in the USA
- http://www.westinnusaduabali.com/en/gallery
Le Méridien

- Founded in 1972 by Air France
- Luxury hotels and Resorts
- Target market : Business, bleasure
- 120 hotels in 44 countries
- Le Méridien Brussels
- http://www.lemeridienbruxelles.fr/gallery
Four points by Sheraton

- Designed for business Guest, restricted expenses
- First hotel in 1995
- Mainly North America and Asia
- 258 hotels in 36 countries
- Four Points Brussels
- http://www.starwoodhotels.com/fourpoints/property/photos/index.html?propertyID=1140

- Really designed hotels
- Target market : Artists, people who likes design, architecture,...
- Subbrand of W Hotels
- First in 1998
- Aloft Brussels
- http://www.aloftlondonexcel.com/gallery
Element by Westin

- Extended-stay Hotels
- Target maket : Mid class hotels, temporary living.
- First hotel in 2008
- Upscale and Modern
- LEED Certification
- 25 hotels in 5 countries
- Mainly in the USA
- None in Belgium
- wikipedia
- Brand websites
- www.prezi.com
Thank you for listening

Felix and Ludovic
Marketing project Starwood : 19th November 2013
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