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The Art of Mummification

No description

Hannah Brenden

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Art of Mummification

What is Mummification?

Preservation of the body; either animal or human

Mummies are either frozen, dried, or stored wet

Mummification is a two step process that involves embalming and wrapping.

Why Mummification?

It is believed there are six important aspects of the human body

Physical body

Egyptians believed that each of these were necessary to achieve rebirth into the afterlife

Ritual Techniques

Canopic jars
Stomach, intestines, lungs, liver

Good luck Charms


Body is taken to the “ibu”, place of purification

Cut on left side of body to remove many internal organs; heart is left alone

Body stuffed and covered with natron to dry it out

40 days later body is washed again and rubbed with oils for elasticity

Dried organs are replaced in body and body is stuffed with dry materials for life like appearance


The head and neck are wrapped followed by fingers, toes, arms, legs, and torso

Amulets placed between each layer for protection

The arms and legs are tied together with papyrus scroll placed between the hands

Extra linen is wrapped around the body and painted with resin that glues the bandages together

A large cloth is wrapped around entire mummy and the god Osiris is painted on its surface

The mummy is wrapped in a final large cloth with a board placed on top and lowered into two coffins

Funeral is held


Ceremony called the “Opening of the Mouth” is performed

Mummy placed inside a stone sarcophagus with earthly valuables

Once through the underworld, the heart is judged according to earthly deeds

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