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PPZ3OE-10: Water Polution

Water pollution and it's influence of health

Maya Roche

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of PPZ3OE-10: Water Polution

And it's influence on health What is it? How does it affect us? How does it affect the environment? What is being done? Many communities have special waste management facilities where you can drop off any chemicals that could be harmful to the environment. They dispose of the substances in a way that will not affect the ecosystems.

Using less pesticides and fertilizers on your plants can lessen the amount of groundwater contamination Water pollution occurs when a pollutant is added to a body of water. This alters the quality of water and can ultimately have a negative effect on the environment and any living thing to drink from or live in water.
While you may not suffer immediate affects from polluted water, there may be several long term affects from repeat exposure such as increased probability of cancer, reproductive problems and developmental problems.

Drinking or submerging in the contaminated water can cause skin irritation or rashes, vomiting, diarrhea and an upset stomach. Since certain bacterias can be deposited into the water, there is also a risk of contracting an
illness like e-coli, diphtheria or cholera. Firstly, any living organisms in the water body may be killed off by the chemicals in the water. Additionally, any trees or other plants in the area that draws water from that source will also suffer complications from the polluted water. Currently, many places have their own sewage treatment sites which filter sewer water before redistributing it into the environment. Many governments have set laws in place to help control the water pollution levels. These laws will often include what cannot be legally dumped or improperly disposed of. What you can do Water Pollution Some examples of pollutants include:
industrial waste
oil pollution
marine dumping
underground storage leaks
Thank you.
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