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Neoria Symantec - Demo Environment 2012

No description

Pieter-Jan Liekens

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Neoria Symantec - Demo Environment 2012

NetBackup Media Server Backup Exec 2012 Hyper-v Server VMware ESX
Cluster Sun Server x4150 Cisco UCS
x2 Sun Server x4150 Dell Poweredge
2950 Servers Networking Cisco Catalyst
Gigabit Ethernet Cisco FC
Fibre Channel Storage NetApp FAS3140
Dual Controller NetApp 3070
Single Controller NetApp VTL3040
Virtual Tape Library Physical Setup Tier 1 - Front end + BU Tier 2 - Backup - Virtal Tapes Servers Networking Inventory Storage Sun StorageTek - SAS
BE2012 Dedup 5x DS14MK2
250GB /disk
Total ~10T 2x DS14MK2
750GB /disk
Total ~3T NetApp VTL700
Virtual Tape Library NetApp FAS3140 (dual controller) Dell PowerEdge 2950
NetBackup Media Server Cisco Catalyst 2960
Ethernet Switch Sun Sunfire X4150
Hyper-V Server Sun Sunfire X4150
Backup Exec 2012 HP ProCurve
Gigabit Ethernet Brocade Silkworm 200E
Fibre Channel DS14MK2
10TB (250G) DS14MK2
3TB (750G) Sun SAS StorageTek 3TB Cisco MDS9124
Fibre Channel Switch Neosym Local Environment 2013 Physical Installatoions VMWare ESX Cluster Todo 1. Fas3140 Installation
2. Migration of Storage
3. BE2012
4. Hyper-V
5. Vmware ESX Cluster
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