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Copy of Plant Cell Amusement Park

No description

Sherwan Thomas

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Plant Cell Amusement Park

The cell wall is the gate surrounding the park and keeps everyone inside, just like it rotects the inner part of a cell.
Cell Wall
The cell membrane is the requirements one needs to ride the rides, just like the cell's selectively permeable membrane.
Only some can pass through!
Cell Membrane
The cytoplasm is the fluid that fills a cell, just like the land and pathways that fill the rest of the park.
The nucleus is the central most important part of a cell, which holds all the information and authority in what the cell does.
The communications room is where informationgets sent out to security and staff, just like a nucleus.
Lysosomes break down large molecules in a cell. Our cleanup crews “break down” and get rid of the trash that is around the park!
Where learning is fun
Welcome to Plantaisima
A vacuole is a sac or "storage tank" in a cell that stores
food, water, and metabolic waste, just like a trash can
in a park would do.
The mitochondria provides the cell with energy,just like the power source does for all the attractions.
It keeps them running!
The ER is found throughout the whole cell and is like a highway for the transportation of proteins.
A monorail or bus would be like the ER, which transports the people wherever they want to go in the park!
Golgi Apparatus
The Golgi Apparatus is responsible for modifying, sorting, and packaging substances for exocytosis or use within the cell.
This is like the workers in the gift shops who have to package and sort stuff to sell to our customers!
Chloroplasts are the food producers of the cell.
Our chefs in the restaurants produce food for the customers!
For information on our
admission prices and
special events call:

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