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No description

Armynda Sandhu

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of freedom

FREEDOM Freedom is when you feel that nothing can hold you
back. freedom is what you feel when you are
at peice
Every human being should have universal right of
everything and should be able to wlk freely in public
that is freedom The choice to do what ever you
want Freedom is when your the boss of your life,
no one telling you what to do & making your
own choices in life freedom is when you eat whatever you want
wear what ever clothes you want
speak as freely as you want Freedom is love something that you can have with you forever Jesus Sacrificed himself for all of us to be free the was born to show us what freedom is not having freedom is like staying in
a dark and painful life
.sometimes this happends when you get bullied
.when you are told to do that is having no freedom

freedom is being to have some education They dedicated there lives to india by
fighting british forces for the freedom
of india There was a whole group of these
great people the were called the
the shaheed [freedom fighters.]
All of the people that fought in
this great battle were killed in
war or hanged to death.
all theree of these men were married but
still gave death more priority and were
in delhi jail and were sentensed to hard
labour and to be hanged after 7 months These are men who were killed in battle
an they have respect all over india
and are remembered as freedom fighters Theree of the worlds best freedom fighters
the world has ever seen are shaheed Bhagat
singh shaheed Raj guru & shaheed Sukdeb Bhagat singh Raj guru Sukdeb And so all these theree men got was a noose Hundreds and Thousands of freedom fighters were
hanged with a noose because one selfish and self
thinking person. His name was mahtma ghandi
in my religion he is not respected. only some
that followed him in his black deeds were with
him, even his son didnt like his father. LOOSER AND thats why he was shot dont rest in peice african american slaves The drogotory name for dark african americans was [Niggers] were american slaves and treated like
junk but there were some people that fought for the
freedom of american africans got there name from the americans lots of people died and than began a
new time a new era where african amaricans
were as free as other white people so obviously
black people
were freed
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