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Learn about the enjoyment of the game of soccer.

Amber Glenn

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Soccer

The sport that brings the world together. Soccer Benefits Challenges:
Skills needed to play Conclusion -keeps you in shape
-teamwork building
-helps communication skills
-relieving stress by aggression
-timing Indoor vs. Outdoor Indoor:
-played inside
-no out of bounds (no throw ins)
-smaller field
-no off sides
-fast pace game
-indoor shoes worn Physical needs:
-fast reflexes
-good timing
-quick thinking
-mentally and physically tough We hope that you have a better understanding of the game of soccer. If you're looking for a challenging sport that's well worth the hard work, then soccer may be the sport for you. Physical Benefits -lots of running (cardiovascular exercise)
-improves leg strength
-improves endurance Soccer is a great sport to join because it's played all year round. It helps you keep in shape for other sports throughout the year. Outdoor:
-played outside
-out of bounds (PLENTY of throw ins)
-bigger field
-off sides
-usually played on grass or outdoor turf
-cleats worn Enjoyment of the Game Why should one play soccer? -excitement from scoring and winning
-fast pace game
-teammates (friends) What are the opinions of the players? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor soccer? Why? I prefer indoor soccer because the game is fast pace and no matter what position you are in, you are always involved in play. There are also less breaks in the play because there are walls and the only place out of bounds is the ceiling. Indoor soccer also allows every player to practice their foot skills and have fun without a super competitive atmosphere. My friends and I are able to play the sport we love in the off season and continue to improve our skills. Even though I love outdoor, indoor has to be my favorite! - Lauren Swim Who is you favorite soccer player and why? Abby Wambach is my favorite soccer player! She is an inspiration to me and I hope to be like her one day. She is my favorite soccer player because she is amazing at soccer (especially heading). She has a great personality and isn't caught up in the fame. She is just a well-rounded person and truly an inspiration. - Alison Targosky USWNT
U.S. Women's Nation Soccer Team Alex Morgan
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