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The Taliban's Impact On Afghanistan

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juliana palian

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of The Taliban's Impact On Afghanistan

The Taliban's Impact On Afghanistan
how the Taliban took control of the country
The Taliban used everyday fear against the Afghan people.

The Taliban also used suicide bombers to scare people, it was also harder for military personal to get close to the Taliban.

The Taliban also used bombs, explosives, land mines, and other various weapons to control the country
works cited

* the Mujahideen was a funded militia group the United States helped to get the Soviets out of Afghanistan.
* soon after the Soviets left a civil war broke out, emerging from the civil war was the Taliban.

*the Afghan people were actually hopeful for the Taliban group

*the Taliban were suppose to be a group of people that helped the Afghan people out, but they caused more damage than good.
* the Taliban made Afghanistan so poor and put so much fear in the Afghan people that it was an easy way to control them.
*The economy hasn't been stable since the Taliban's control.
Rules the Taliban oppose on women
1. women aren't allowed to laugh in public it is considered rude and un lady-like to hear a female laugh.
2. Females aren't allowed to get treated by a male doctor.
3. females can show no skin at all.
4. no females are allowed to work at all.
5.females must wear a burqua from head to toe
Other rules the Taliban had
*no one is allowed to watch television.

*people cant listen to music

*men must wear islamic clothes and a hat

*Anyone that converts from Islam to any other religion is ordered to be executed
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Organization, n.d. n.p. Web. 17 Sep.2013.

“Campaign for Afghan Women and Girls.” Feminist. Org, n.d. n.p.Web 29 Sep. 2013
Bajoria , Jayshree. “ The Taliban in Afghanistan.” Council on Foreign Relations, n.p.
6 Aug. 2013. Web. 16 Sep. 2013

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