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AR Book Presentation

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Lydia Naegle

on 31 March 2017

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Transcript of AR Book Presentation

Tennis Shoes Amoung the Nephites
Author- Chris Heimerdinger

Big Idea
In book one, Jim Hawkins (13) and his friend Garth Plimpton (13) search for a Rainbow Room that Jim's dad had told them about. The next weekend, after Garth and Jim hadn't found it, they go back to Frost Cave but Jennifer, Jim's 11 year old sister, follows them. They get lost and come upon the Rainbow Room. They see a beautiful waterfall and end up falling through a whirl-pool. Jim, Garth, and Jenny (Jennifer's nickname) wake up on the banks of a new world. The three of them had discovered the time passage and spent two months in the time of the Nephites, which takes place around the time 67 B.C.E. When Mormon, the Nephites' chief finds away to get them home, nothing has changed. They had left to Forest Cave on Saturday, and when they got back it was about midnight. All there was was a VERY frustrated mother who wondered what time they had gotten home and Jim's book report was still due the next day.
I chose patterns because some of the things they did back then, we do today. Back then, the Nephites wore similar clothing to this.
AR Book Presentation
Fantasy- 268 pages
Jim made wrong choices before he was friends with Garth. He was a naughty kid who used to be friends with "the vikings" that are bad examples. One time at a school camp out, "the vikings" light a cigar and started passing it around. Reluctantly, Jim got up and left. That was a very good choice he made except now he wasn't friends with the "cool kids". A few weeks later the leader of "the vikings" posy had brought beer to school. Remember, they are only 13 years old! Wanting his old friends back, Jim chugged down the whole bottle of it. After throwing up, his parents found out what happened. Aside from being furious, his parents grounded him. His parents may sound a little harsh, but they actually did a good thing punishing him for what he did.

In today's world people don't wear stuff like this. Now, we still have kings and queens, just like they did. The food people had in ancient places we still eat today. Back then, people had wars, and fought. In the story there is a huge war going on between the Nephites and Lamanites. Sadly we still have this today. When Jim almost made a bad decision about the cigar, he didn't. The patten is that a couple weeks later the same scenario happened. He was in a bad situation, except this time he decided to go through with a bad choice.
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