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What Lasts Longer, Matte or Glossy?

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Mrs. Hood

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of What Lasts Longer, Matte or Glossy?

What Lasts Longer, Matte or Glossy?
Jenelle Ysip
Per. 3

Background Information
The formula for Matte nail polish is thinner than the formula for glossy nail polish.
The nails with glossy top coat got much more damage than the matte top coat, in fact the matte got no damage. In the end, my hypothesis is correct.
Thank you!
Matte nail polish will last longer.
6.) Once dry apply one coat of glossy top coat on all nails on your right hand.
7.) Let right hand air dry.
8.) Create a chart of different activities you do.
9.) Write down if any chips appear after every activity.
10.) Keep for about 2 weeks and review results.
Material List
Glossy top coat
Matte top coat
5 nails for matte
5 nails for glossy
base coat of any choice
clean nails
1.) Clean hands and take off any nail polish with acetone and a cotton ball.
2.) Get the base coat of your choice and apply to all nails.
3.) Put 3 coats if needed and let nail polish air dry until completely dry.
4.) Once dry apply one coat of matte top coat on all nails on your left hand.
5.) Let top coat dry.

Because it's thin it has less of a chance chipping. Glossy nail polish has a higher chance of chipping because of its thickness.
Went out
No damage
Some damage
No damage
No damage
No damage
Some damage
No damage
Some damage
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