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Brother Dear

No description


on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of Brother Dear

Future Doctor Boy Funny Likes to play Like his mother Will go to university Future millionaire Name Will carry on the family legacy Identity Personal Goals Personal Values Personal Morals What Makes You You Friends Self-identity can only be found through independence from external influences. Media Relationships Television Radio Movies Actors/Athletes as Role Models Friends Family Trends Bullies Internet Social Media Websites Society Teachers /Leaders Religion Culture Music Stereotypes Dear Brother “...its escape to the University of Alberta, like my brothers, like Dad wants. If I do what Dad wants. I have these dreams of running off to Europe... but [Dad] will explode...” “Someday I will run away- to Europe.” - Sharlene “Greg never wanted to play catch, to race...because he’s not into the ‘competition thing’. Dad says that he’s got no drive, no ambition.” - Sharlene "He inherited a John Deere dealership from his father and was always sorry he hadn't tried to be a doctor.” - Sharlene "Some things are more important.” “You’re not what you do. You’re who you are.” “Dad makes a lot of money. He did what his father wanted him to do and he’s not happy.” "... maybe if I was like you, Dad would like me better.” “Is that all my family can ever do... point out what’s wrong with me?” “she tells me I’m fine the way I am and a few weeks ago, I started to believe her.” “Jack, you can’t make him do what you want.” “It’s those friends of yours, those ideas they've got into you. It’s no better than a cult.” “But I’m not like you. I’m like me. " “But I like you the way you are...” - Greg - Greg - Sharlene - Greg - Greg - Greg - Sharlene - Mother - Jack IDENTITY Sharlene expresses that she has her independent dreams that are under direct influence of her father. Sharlene has different goals than her father; she has a separate and distinct identity.
She is suppressing this self-identity in favour of the identity her father wants for her. Sharlene is not basing her future and her choices on her self-identity but on her father’s definition of her identity. The father took a direction in his life contrary to his self-identity and personal goals and ended up successful but unhappy. Ironically, the father, suffering from taking on an identity that was not his, imposes his own goals and identity on his children, depriving them of their self -identity. NOTES Unwilling to accept it, Greg's father looks at Greg's identity negatively and misinterprets it. Poking holes in Greg’s identity leaves Greg with a poor self-esteem. Greg declares that his values are different from his father's values; he essentially states that he has an unique identity that needs to be respected. Greg's mother explains to Jack that he cannot mould Greg’s identity; it must be and can only be developed by Greg. Ironically, the father states that Greg is being influenced by his friends when he himself is exerting tremendous pressure on Greg and trying to change him; the father is actually leading the “cult”. These few words indicate that:
an identity can never be forged; it is already there, waiting to be found
any external label the world puts on you is not a true self-identity and cannot be trusted; the only label you can trust is the label you puts on yourself Sharlene replies , “If I were you...”, ignoring Greg’s message and once again trying to impose an identity on him. Greg’s reply indicates the trouble he faces in trying to stay true to his identity: “But I’m not like you. I’m like me. Maybe if I was like you, Dad would like better.” Greg’s self-esteem is low as a result of an unaccepted identity. His esteem increases when Sharlene states, “But I like you the way you are...” --> acceptance DEAR SUMMARY:
a self-identity is how you see yourself
your goals, values, morals
self-identity cannot be forged, only found
self-identity can be influenced by many factors
a pure self-identity is a true identity
an influenced identity can lead to identity confusion--> is not a true image
finding self-identity can lead to a happy life and high self-esteem "Identity Development - Aspects of Identity" by Eva G. Clarke and Elaine M. Justice Bernice Friesen "...identified the goal of adolescence as achieving a coherent identity and avoiding identity confusion."
"Identity achievement is important because it is associated with higher self-esteem, increased critical thinking, advanced moral reasoning... better grades, as well as better relations with family and friends."
“...identity achievement during adolescence serves as a basis for our adult expectations and goals for ourselves.”
“Once individuals enter their chosen job or career, it becomes a part of how they see themselves.”
foreclosure and moratorium "The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation." Buck, Pearl S. Thank You for Watching Megan Fernandez, Maelyn Bondoc, Joel George
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