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1 Alejandro Airplanes

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on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of 1 Alejandro Airplanes

In 1893 they created a propeller called Phillips. It weight 400 lbs It worked very well. By 1909 The Wright Brothers created a propeller called the Wright wing. It had shallower angles at the tips. Also in 1909 they created the Paragon. The parogon was a type of propeller it was slow spinning speed in that time. It had 225 horse power it's points protected them from the sea spray. In 1917 Wotan a German propeller was created. It was smooth for air foil. In 1919 hey created another propeller. It was the integral created in France. In 1922 Fairer Reed was invented. Hele Shaw Beach it was created in 1928. In 1986 the unductaed fan was created it saved fuel.
The first airplanes invented in history was in 1903. The creators of the airplane were the Wright brothers. The first time the airplane flew was in California 1903 . It flew 40 meters, it used a motorcycle chain.
Pilots used special clothes when they would go in airplanes.They used soft leather jackets, Goggled eyed glasses , gloves, and a mask. This was all the gear of clothing that they used in World War 1 in 1916.They had a map to get were they needed to get to. They used shoes so it would be easy to get on board.
Interesting Facts about Airplanes
Did you know that before 1929 plane races already existed!? In the races you would see mono wing planes and multiple wing planes. Mono wing planes are planes with one wing in each side multiple wing planes had two or more wings in each sides. Mono winged planes were faster that multiple winged planes. But the bad thing was it would get damaged to easy. By 1929 mono and multiple winged planes went faster than 200 kph.
How do you think airplanes land? Well I will tell you. If it's a normal airplane it lands in a big highway of airplanes in the airport, if it's a unusual airplane that is a boat airplane it can land in water or land.
Concorde is the fastest airplane ever 1000 kph hour!
In 1929 Super Marine S6 it won the trophy of speed 329 mph 529 kph.
In 1931 Super Marine won again 400 mph 650 kph.
Thank you for watching my presentation. I hope you like it. If you have any comments leave it down bellow.
By Alejandro
By Alejandro
4th Grade
Ms. Margot's Class

Super Marine S6
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