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Ancient Greek Law

No description

Emma MacDonald

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Law

Ancient Greek Law
When and Where?
Athens, Greece
Laws in Greece were beginning to being established as early as 900 BCE
Most law in Ancient Greece were officially established in the middle of the 7th century
Examples of Law
Murder was punished by the victims family killing the murderer
There was Family Law back in the Ancient Greek Law but there were no penalties for these laws but they were enforced by whomever was the head of the family
They also had public laws such as; the amount a land a person could own
Procedural Law also came from Greek Law that gave guidelines for judges on how to use other laws
Impact on Canada's Legal System
There are many examples of how the Ancient Greek Law impacted the way that the Canadian Legal System is set up today. These reasons include:
• During the Ancient Greek Law, only certain people were allowed to vote and represent themselves in court which is similar to how the Canadian Legal System was first set up.
• The Ancient Greek Law introduced democracy and used it to make decisions and that is the reason we have it in our Legal System today.
• The tort laws, family laws, procedural laws and public laws that were first used in the Ancient Greek System became more developed and started to apply more to the Canadian Legal System.
• Greek Laws have introduced many different types of laws into our country, becoming a major influence on the Canadian Legal system today.

Main Features of Legal System
In Ancient Greek Law small amount of citizens had political right. Women, Children, Immigrants and Slaves did not have these rights.
Their juries were made up of 6000 people and had to use democracy to decide a sentence.
The most important thing to Ancient Greek Law was the citizen involvement
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