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History of Chinese Floral Art

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Megan Geerts

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of History of Chinese Floral Art

History of Chinese Floral Art
Popular Artwork
Most famous in China's history, currently in the Museum of National Treasure
It was created in Song Dynasty by Zhang Zeduan
first painting to depict the daily life in Bianliang, the capital of Song Dynasty
It shows the prosperity of the economy at that time
made a new era of artwork that showed landscape, nature, and civilization combined
Popular Artwork
[500 BC – 100 AD]
The ancient Chinese used flowers and plant materials for religious ceremonies performed by the Buddhist priests
Flowers were important part of religious teachings as well as medicines
Evidence of the existence of art of flower arrangement can be found in ancient paintings, on ceramics, and vases
The artist's name is Chen Shi. He's from the Shandong Province in Northern China
This impacted the time period because it brought a new perspective of painting to the world by using water colors
Popular Artists
Chen Chun (1483-1544)
He did many landscapes but most famous painting was "flower and bird"
associated with the Wu School of Literati painting in the Suzhou area
he developed a more free style of “ink and wash” paintings
Popular Artists
Lan Ying (1585-1664)
Famous painter from the Ming Dynasty
Painter of landscapes, human figures, flowers, and birds
Created the style called Tianshu
Both of his grandchildren later became famous artists as well
Forms of Artwork
derived from the Shang Dynasty
each was made individually, so there was no repetition among patterns
made in bowls, cups, tea sets, vases, jewel cases, & musical instruments
became a valuable export sold to wealthy throughout Asia and Europe
Forms of Artwork
Bronze Vessels
used in musical instruments, ceremonial offerings, and weapons of war
popular patterns were of dragons and beasts' face
had engraved jade, turquoise, iron, and copper which increased value
Art of Chinese Flower Arrangement
Chinese floral arrangers had perfected techniques placing equal weight on beauty, structure, and meaning
They avoid symmetry, straight columns, and lines, the appearance should be natural
containers vary from porcelain vases to bowl-like platters depending on the size of the arrangement
Themes and Influences
Used in spiritual rituals
Chinese art demonstrates religion, environmental factors, distance, and social interaction
bronze vessels were made for sacrifices to Heaven & to clan ancestors
many paintings included religious sayings or symbols that helped a painting tell a story
Used in Human Relationships
many paintings represent human separation, love, or reunion with others
Significance of Culture & Media
Various paintings include flowers that are indigenous to China's regions and culture
media that are used are materials like: scripture paper, silk, fan, ceramics, and mirror
artists of modern China continue to use the distinct characteristics of artists from Ancient China. Ex: calligraphy & poetry in paintings
Many Chinese paintings were landscapes with mountains, homes, birds, trees, and water
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