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Coca Cola Presentation

No description

yahya dursun

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Coca Cola Presentation

Do you know how old Coca Cola is?
What is
Coca Cola is
John Perberton
Coca Leaves
Cola Nuts
Asa Candler
The most popular drink in the World
World War II
If you look on a bottle of Coke...
How Coca Cola
spreads throughout the world?
North Korea
Baris Kirli
Yahya Dursun
Murat Kaya
Presented by :
Myth: Coca Cola was originally green
Myth: Coca Cola had cocaine before .
Myth: The U.S.A is the Biggest consumer of Coca Cola in the World
Myth: The modern image of Santa Claus was created by Coca Cola
Funny Pictures
That's how i lost my job
Impact of Coca-Cola
on health
Acidity and Tooth decay.
Numerous court cases about acidity.
Acidic drinks increases risk of tooth damage.
Evidence shows Coca Cola isn't the worst.

Phosphoric Acid in Coca-Cola and Diet Coke.
Aspartame, or AminoSweet.
Food dyes and other chemicals.
Regular coke dropped 2%, Diet coke 7 %
Some Slogans for Coca-Cola
From 1886 to 2009...
1886 - Drink Coca-Cola 

1904 - Delicious and Refreshing
1906 - The great national temperance beverage

1923 - Enjoy Thirst

1924 - Refresh Yourself

1932 - Ice Cold Sunshine

1952 - What You Want is a Coke
1985 - America's real choice
1988 - You Can't Beat the Feeling 

2005 - Make It Real
2006 - The Coke Side of Life
2009 - Open Happiness

The world wide average coke consumption a year is 92 bottles per person

The inventor of Coca Cola
Invented in the late 19th century
Medical College of Georgia in Macon
Morphine Addict
Opium-free alternatives to morphine

Co-founder of Coca-Cola
44th Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia
In 1888 he bought the formula for Coca-Cola

One of the most well-known brands in the world
Operates in over 200 countries
Coca cola is a multi-billion dollar company
Atlanta Georgia
Coca Cola Headquarter
Today's Agenda
Worlds largest
145.900 employees
25% of all carbonated beverages
2 billion servings a day

Coca Cola
The Secret
Old company, long history
Enormous and globalized
The recipe is top secret
Massive health consequences
The strength - commercials
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