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Dawn of The Golden Matador

No description

Miguel Carrillo

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Dawn of The Golden Matador

.......is a 300 page biography based on the life of Gus C. Garcia, Latino civil rights attorney from San Antonio who changed the way America would see people of color. The biography is a multilayered account of domestic affairs in the U.S. from the height of the Great Depression through Post War America into the Kennedy administration.

Among his first name acquaintances were a large number of political, social, contemporaries of his time - from Cesar Chavez to US Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez of San Antonio. Gus' legal associates in the Alamo City included Carlos Cadena, John J. Herrera, Maury Maverick Jr. and other prominent San Antonio attorneys - Albert Pena Jr., Bob Lozano, Jimmy Gutierrez, and Peter Michael Curry, to name a few.
The Hernandez vs. Texas, Supreme Court case that granted minorities all over the country the right to sit on juries not only caused a shift in civil rights judicial activism by the US Supreme Court; the case literally broke the barriers when it came to fair and equitable representation for women as well.

Gus was not a stranger to the common man; he made sure the less fortunate members of the social ladder were the recipients of a fair shake when it came to equal representation before the law.
Gus once told Tino Duran, owner and publisher of La Prensa de San Antonio that the key to his success was making sure that shoeshine boys who frequented public places were paid more than the twenty five cents they asked for their services.
"After all," he mentioned to Duran, "They are our foot soldiers for the future. That's our army we're getting ready, because from them, we will get attorneys, engineers, teachers, business owners, and maybe someone that one day will be President of the U.S."
After 25 years of research with over 300 personal interviews, Isidro "Chilo" Aguirre, author, tells the story of a long lost chapter in American history as well as America’s most unsung hero, Gus C. Garcia.

Dawn Of The Golden Matador
– The Life And Times Of Gus Garcia
“Life is like a bullfight…..”
“.......Sometimes you win. If you lose, you die.”

Gus added to the adage,

“It’s not what you know, but who you know.”
Jim Crow segregation policies were among the first to feel the wrath of Gus C. Garcia and as a result improve and eventually raise the lives of minorities in the 1950s. The biography takes a microscopic view of these draconian segregation policies and the end of these practices against Latinos in Texas.
Que Viva Gus!

-Gus C. Garcia
Author: Isidro Aguirre

Cuauhtemoc Productions©
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