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Business One:One ~ Units 35-38

email etiquette

Avi Megiddo

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Business One:One ~ Units 35-38

Unit 35
Unit 36 - ANSWERS
Unit 36 - ANSWERS (cont.)
Unit 37: Being friendly
Synonymous Phrases:
Formal and Friendly
Further to our phone conversation, = After we spoke,

With reference to... = Regarding....

As you may be aware, ___ = As you may know, ___
Other Useful Phrases:
As we discussed, __
Per our conversation, ____
Attached is ....
Please find attached....
The ____(attached)
Please get in touch
I'm not happy
Thank for your email about
I'm sorry for...
We sent your order
I'm sorry to tell you...
I'm writing to let you know
If I do not hear from you,
I find it most unsatisfactory,
Thank you for your email regarding.
I would be grateful if you could
I would like to apologize for...
Your order was sent
I regret to inform you that...
I'm writing to draw your attention to the fact that.....
Informal and Friendly
Thank you for...
I'd like to confirm
I'd really appreciate it if
Would you mind...
Thank you in advance
for all your help
I look forward to seeing you
Best wishes
Thanks for
Glad to say
Can you...?
Could you ...?
Thanks for everything

Looking forward to seeing you
All the best

Choose one situation and use its corresponding document:

B emails A (the 1st email between them) with a doc attached, and suggests meeting.
using Unit 35 Language.
A emails B with some questions/comments/concerns about the doc and offers different meeting day/time.
Unit 36 Lang.
B emails A answering the questions/comments/concerns and confirms the new meeting day/time.
Unit 37 Language.
A emails B clarifying some misunderstanding about his/her earlier questions/comments/concerns using
Unit 38 Language
HW: email thread with attached file
Unit 38:
How to Explain in Other Ways
Dear Luis, ANSWERS:
1. When I said
2. I meant
3. In other words
4. What we're looking for is
5. To put it another way...
Dear Francesca,
1. what we had in mind
2. That is, = I mean,
3. We were not expecting
4. To give you an example,
5. In fact,
Situation and Doc Options
Person B: Publisher
Person A: Book author (has questions about the publishing details, why is Blurb good?)

Person B: Secretary
Person A: Professor (has questions about the travel plan details)

Person B: Designer
Person A: Tech company (has questions about the design details and specs)

Person B: Architect
Person A: Real Estate Development Company

Person B: Sales Manager
Person A: CEO (has questions about the sales figures and charts)

Page 78 Practice #1: thread about graphic designer Carmen Souza's logo
Dear David,
This is regarding the conference center you booked for the end of May. Unfortunately, the room has been overbooked, so you won’t be able to use it then.
There is no alternate day available due to the fact that the conference center will be closed for refurbishment.
Apologies for the inconvenience.
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