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Romeo and Juliet Timeline of Tragic Events

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Natalia Kotowska

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Timeline of Tragic Events

Romeo and Juliet Timeline of Tragic Events
Act 1 Scene 1
The servants of the rival families battle and get into a fight. The character Tybal likes to start fights and he gets exited when the fight begins. The character Benvolio however likes to keep the peace and does not want the two families to be rivals. This event is tragic itself because so many people are dying for no reason. The family feud is turning so many people evil and causing many deaths to occur in the town.
Act 1 Scene 4
In this scene Romeo is on his way to the ball with Mercutio and Benvolio. Romeo begins to explain his dream to the of the guys. He says that he had a dream that he was going to die. This is leading up to a tragic moment. The author uses foreshadowing to show us that the tragedy of Romeos death is going to occur sooner or later.
Act 1 Scene 5
Romeo and Juliet finally meet and they fall in love. We know that this will cause tragedy the families hate each other. We are hoping that the love that Romeo and Juliet share will be able to break the rivalry, but in fact it will cause even more awful events in the future.
Act 2 Scene 2
This is the famous balcony scene in which Romeo and Juliet decide to get married the next day. This will cause tragedy in the future. The fact that the two families are rivals is not helping their case. This will cause more war and more tragedy since the only Capulet daughter is marrying a Montague.
Act 3 Scene 2
Tybalt challenges Rome to a fight but Romeo refuses, so Mercutio fights Tybalt. Tybalt kills Mercutio, so Romeo kills Tybalt, becuase he is saying that they are family and family has to support each other. The Prince orders that Romeo be banished. This causes a lot of tragedy because there is yet another death. It will also cause tragedy in the future because Juliet will be devastation that her only love Romeo is banished.

Act 4 Scene 1
Act 4 Scene 3
Juliet drinks the potion. This will cause future tragic events becuase so many things can go wrong. One of these would be that Romeo would not know of the plan soon enough, she can not come back from the dead, and she would become psychotic. She is taking big risks that will eventually cause tragic event.
Lord Capulet decides that Juliet will marry Paris. He then says that they will marry earlier then planned. Juliet is very upset on the fact that she has to marry him and goes to Friar Laurence, and he suggests a plan that she take a drug that will make her look dead so that she can sneak away with Romeo when she awakes. This will cause tragedy because since the wedding day was moved up, Romeo will not get the letter with the plan that was put in place, making him do tragic things.
In Mantua, Romeo learns from Balthasar that Juliet is dead. This very tragic because we know that Romeo has crazy ideas. This can lead to him doing something tragic and going insane. Since he thinks that his only love is dead, he is going to cause a lot of trouble.
Act 5 Scene 1
Act 5 Scene 1
Romeo buys poison from the Apothecary. This is tragic because he wants to kill himself because he thinks that Juliet is dead. This is tragic because she is not dead, and when she wakes up and realizes that he is dead, she will cause more tragedy. She is awaiting Romeo and when she realizes hes dead, she will do major damage.
Act 5 Scene 3
Juliet wakes up, and Friar Laurence tries to get her to leave and escape to a nunnery. She refuses kills herself. This is tragic because all of the main characters are dead. The story just took a turn for the worst, and instead of two people being in love, they are both dead.
What would be considered the point of no return in this tragedy? Explain why. Use textual evidence to support your discussion.
The point of no return in this play would be when Romeo and Juliet first met at the party. This is because, no deaths would occur and Juliet would not have such a complicated life if they did not meet. Neither of the characters would have died, and there would be no conflicts between the Friar, Juliet, and the two houses. We automatically see that when Romeo and Juliet met, it was love at first sight. They ended up kissing a couple of lines into the scene. “ROMEO: Your hand is like a holy place that my hand is unworthy to visit. If you're offended by the touch of my hand, my two lips are standing here like blushing pilgrims, ready to make things better with a kiss. Juliet: Good pilgrim, you don't give your hand enough credit. By holding my hand you show polite devotion. After all, pilgrims touch the hands of statues of saints. Holding one palm against another is like a kiss. Romeo: Don't saints and pilgrims have lips too? Juliet: Yes, pilgrim-they have lips that they're supposed to pray with. Romeo: Well then, saint, let lips do what hands do. I'm praying for you to kiss me. Please grant my prayer so my faith doesn't turn to despair. Juliet: Saints don't move, even when they grant prayers. Romeo: Then don't move while I act out my prayer. He kisses her. Now my sin has been taken from my lips by yours. Juliet: Then do my lips now have the sin they took from yours? Romeo: Sin from my lips? You encourage crime with your sweetness. Give me my sin back. They kiss again.” (Act 1 Scene 5). We can tell that there will be no chance of going back because they will do anything for their love.

What would you consider to be the tragic flaws of Romeo and Juliet? Use textual evidence to support.
The tragic flaw of Romeo and Juliet is that both of them and fall in love very quickly, and thinking that their love is more then it actually is. Not only this, they also acted very rash. The reason as to why Juliet’s character plummeted was because she fell extremely hard for Romeo. She confessed her love to him without really getting to know him. "Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing" (Act 2 Scene 2) Because of her strong affection towards Romeo, she is willing to make crazy decisions. She would rather kill herself then marry Paris. “I'll to the Friar, to know his remedy. If all else fail, myself have power to die.” (Act 3 Scene 5) Romeos tragic flaw however was impetuosity, meaning rash actions. We see this occur when he fell in love extremely quickly with Juliet, killing Tybalt, threatening to kill himself, killing Paris and then finally killing himself are only a few examples. “I still will stay with thee and never from this palace of dim night depart again. Here, here will I remain with worms that are thy chambermaids. O, here will I set up my everlasting rest and shake the yoke of inauspicious stars from this world-wearied flesh!” (Act 5 Scene 3) Here he says that he will kill himself in order to be with Juliet.

What is the true reason for this tragedy?
The true reason for this tragedy is to show us that people do what they can in order to survive. The fact that the two families are rivals and the two children from both families fell in love and got married, and then died because of romance was the main tragedy. It shows us that people do what they can in order to fix their own problems. Everyone is trying to make things turn out well from their own points of view. Not only this, it shows people the big idea as to why tragedy's occur. Shakespeare is showing us that hasty decisions lead to tragedy. The reason for this tragedy is to show what love and hasty decisions lead to.

Do the characters remain static or are they dynamic? Provide evidence for the major characters in the play that live to see Act 5. How does your analysis of characters contribute to the tragedy?
Romeo is the static character. His personality includes rash, and crazy decisions. Romeo falls in love extremely quickly with Juliet and he arranges to marry her ASAP! He changes his mind very quickly from being in love with Rosaline to being in love with Juliet in the matter of a day. “Holy Saint Francis! What a change this is! Is Rosaline, who you did love so dearly, So soon forsaken? young men's love, then, lies Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.“ This shows us how he only fell in love with Juliet for her looks. This contributes to the tragedy by showing us how rashness leads to death and despair. Juliet is also a static character. One day she is saying that she is not ready for marriage, and the next, she is. When Lady Capulet asks if Juliet wants to get married, she responds with "It is an honour that I dream not of" (Act 1 Scene 3) But then later on, she makes plans to marry Romeo the next morning.
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