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Expierenced Development Director

Fund Raising, Fundraising, Social Media, Direct Mail, Marketing, Annual Fund, Non-Profit, nonprofit

Matt Oquist

on 13 August 2015

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Transcript of Expierenced Development Director

Social Media
Other Fundraising
Annual Fund
Minneapolis, MN
Every organization on the planet knows WHAT they do. These are products they sell or the services
they offer.

Love your mission..
or no one else will

Love it at the "WHY" level

There is not enough time to do everything.
Create SMART Goals
Fire Extinguisher v. Structure
Write down a short "to do" list each day
Get Help
Skill Based Volunteering
A Billion Plus Change
Taproot Foundation
Engaged Board Members

Board Development
Finding Board Members
Business leaders in your field
Homelessness - Construction - Hospitality
Hunger - Food Companies - Restaurants
What are your weaknesses
Provide opportunities for valuable input
Help them say thank you
Well structured meetings
Grant Writing
Where to find grant opportunities
Create a Calendar
Ask Corporations
Meet with Program Officers
Create an Annual Report
Have audited financial statements
Have Racial statistics
Individual Giving
Matt Oquist
What I learned in Non-Profit Development
Major Gifts
Have a volunteer committee!!
Is it a fundraiser or a friendraiser?
This has a specific line on your 990
Event Fundraising
Other Fundraising
Through your Website
Credit Card Processing
Pay Pay
Print the form
Crowd Funding
Peer to Peer Fundraising
Indiegogo - Kickstarter
MN Give to the Max Day
Annual Report
Mission Statement
Letter form the Executive Director
Program area reports
Financial Summary
Include pie chart
Emphasize Revenue
Include donors?
Planned Giving
Text Fundraising
Why is this first?
Corporate Fundraising
Corporations are motivated to Give
Gifts come from a budget
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Employee Engagement
Gift in Kind
Think beyond what they sell
Don't forget to ask about workplace giving
That which is not measured, is not managed.
Aaron Rose
Very few organizations know WHY they do what they do. WHY is not about making money. That’s a result. It’s a purpose, cause or belief. It’s the very reason your organization exists.

Some organizations know HOW they do it. These
are the things that make them special or set them
apart from their competition.
The Golden Circle
Not the mission statement level
Other Methods
Communication with individuals
Direct Mail
Annual Report
Social Media
Media Communications
Press Release
Make it a story
Distribution list
Media Tab
Google Ad Words
Database to track your donor communications
"Rome wasn't built in a day full of meetings."
Bill Gates

Require an agenda for all meetings to be sent out before the meeting.

Require a note taker that emails the meeting notes to all meeting attendees after the meeting.
To raise funds you need the presence of three things:
1. The Means to Give
2. An Affinity to Give
3. A Way to Give
TV isn't what it used to be.
Sharing Photos
Which platform has the most active users?
The Basics
Spreading your message
Target people with large followings
Have a connection
Have a cause they care about Use volunteers to spam them
Pay them
Ask your followers
How much time should I invest in Social Media?
Blackbaud 2012 Charitable Giving Report
Who do you want to Focus on?
How does your group like to give?
How do they find out about you?
How do they first engage with you?
Can you communicate to your donors with Direct Mail?
How do they want to hear from you?
Who will do what you ask?
Need a Graphic Designer?
Can you do it in 7 words or less?

Keep your message simple enough for someone else to tell it.
Like a joke
Direct Mail
Send mail to
Seed Copy
Current Donors (< 18 months)
Board of Directors
Current Volunteers
Thank your donors quickly
Continue the story from the piece they gave to
Tell them what their donation did (ask amount)
Have the signature be from a significant person
Use blue ink to sign the letter
Include a coded return envelope
RECORD where the gift came from
Google processes over
search queries each day.
That's more content in a single day than the three major US networks have broadcast for the last 5 years combined.
Create a plan
Cost to Raise A Dollar
Gift Percentage (2%)
Average gift amount ($15 to $65)
Non-Profit Postage
Include a coded return envelope
Design your piece

tell a story use pictures stay positive

color two sided tear off

Ask in the P.S. definable ask amounts

window envelope return envelope

credit card monthly giving
On average, people donate 10 times more money if they have volunteered in the past year

Two-thirds of volunteers said they give money to the same groups to which they donate time.

October2009 study by Harris Interactive










Taking Personal



The Tarnside Curve of Involvement
Tarnside Consultancy, UK

This is a marathon and not a sprint
You need to really listen
Many donors will give you a donation to make you go away
This is a competition!!
Seven touch points is the average
70% of donors would increase giving if charities improved the quality of their communication.

Donors don't give to your budget or your financial goal, so don't ask them to.
Creative Ideas
If you donate to this piece, we won't send you any more solicitations this year.
Spell something wrong
Insert pictures
Ask for their prayer requests

Corporate sponsors
Table captains
Silent auction
Live auction
Fund a need
Save the date card
Have "Square" available
Don't give the microphone to someone to tell their life story
Create a video that you can use for other fundraising
Do a Q and A with the person
5k/10k/kid's run/0k
Get it approved
Corporate sponsors
Don't give out cotton shirts
Use a company to time the race
Advertise on running websites
Use a peer to peer giving site
Have a race photographer
Enlist volunteers
Post "why" signs along the route
Have additional items for sale
mission related
food and beverage
probably not more shirts

Going Viral
Case Study #1
Kony 2012
Case Study #2
Ice Bucket Challenge
Over $40 Million Donated
Over 99 Million Views
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