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Rodolfo Rojas

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Guatemala

Where is it?
Geographical Boundaries
Many Volcanoes
Or Biological diversity is the variety and variability between organisms and the ecological complex of where them are part.
With approximately 19 ecosystems, 300 microclimates and 33 volcanoes, Guatemala has a big biological richness.
In its territory there are many deposits of freshwater: 7 lakes, 365 lagoons and many other rivers.
The relief of Guatemala presents heights that goes from the sea level to 4000 m (13000 ft). This provides different weathers, grounds and differents levels of precipitation.
In Guatemala there are just two pronounced seasons: summer and winter.
The weather is in general mild, when is summer is not that hot, and when it's winter it isn't so cold either.
Summer and Winter in Guatemala are different, because when we said is winter it is because it's raining a lot, and in summer it also rains, but not that much.
The temperature always changes on the day, you can wake up feeling cold, then during the morning it's child, but by the midday it becomes too hot. but then again the whether changes and it starts raining.
Guatemala is called the Country of eternal Spring.
National Palace
In Guatemala:
The system of government is the democracy, the people with 18 years or older can vote to choose the president for the next 4 years.
There are 14 millions inhabitants.
The official language is the spanish, even that in Guatemala there are also other 23 languages.
Flag and Coat of Arms
When the flag has the coat of arms in the middle it gets the name of National Pavilion. It has 3 fringes of 2 colors, 2 blue in the extremes and 1 white at the center, the 3 of them of the same size. The coat goes in the center.
What it represents:
The white represents purity, pace, integrity, firmness and light.
The blue represents fortress, justice, truth and loyalty.
The design was made for the Swiss Juan Bautista Frener.
What it represents:
The Remington rifles and the swords represents the honor and the bravery.
The branches of laurel with fruits represents victory.
The parchment with gold letters represents the immortality of the birth of the country.
The Quetzal is the supreme symbol of liberty.
Tourist Atractions
Xetulul and Xocomil
Semuc Champey
Volcanic dark sanded beaches
Antigua Guatemala
The most important product of exportation are the textiles, the second one is the coffee. Guatemala is the top provider of coffee of Starbucks.
The Happy Meal
was invented in Guatemala.
They where the inhabitants of Guatemala before Christopher Columbus arrived to the New World. They where a structured culture. They had their own writing system. They didn't used money they made barters of things, and time after, they start using cacao seeds as coins. They made big structures dedicated to their gods showing their knowledge in Architecture. They also had knowledge in Astronomy, Biology, Agriculture and Mathematics. The mayans where the most advanced ancient culture of the world.
Because in their vigesimal system, that means, with base 20; they already include the zero, the idea of nothing.
Luna de Xelaju - Chapinlandia
Two cultures
All Saints
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