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The American Dream

No description

Tisja Krieger

on 24 January 2016

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Transcript of The American Dream

Today's American Dream
For many Americans today "The American Dream" is only achieved through their wealth and good fortune. Many have lost their values and assume that things should be given to them. America must get back to their united front and realize that each individual must work for their personal success.
America is also considered to be a country of endless opportunity. People assume that if they live in America they will have opportunities that they do not have and this will make success obtainable.
For some people "The American Dream" is centered around a more simple life. They accomplish this by living within their means and thier focus is on Faith and equality.
Video of "The American Dream"
My Families American Dream
My families American Dream started with my Cherokee ancestors. They were forced from their land and forced to march in The Travel of Tears. This hardship has instilled a strong work ethic in my family. It has also taught us how to survive difficult times and to never give up hope or faith.
Background Information
The "American Dream" is a concept used to describe the American life style. As far back as the Declaration of Independence Americans have viewed their rights not by birth, but by what they are able to achieve through hard work. With equality being at the center of their beliefs. Americans have always believed that freedom is very important.

MY American Dream
"The American Dream" has taught me that I have to have a balance between my faith and my goals in life. I have to be responsible for my own actions and work hard to achieve a fulfilling life. My success is not measured by my possessions, but it is measured by my happiness. America has given me many opportunities and I have to live a life that my ancestors would be proud of. I have to be grateful for the many opportunities that I have and I can achieve the goals I have set with determination and hard work.
The American Dream
by KeatonKrieger

For my grandparents "The AmericanDream" has centered around hard work and family values. They have ste examples for us on how we have to work hard in life and our happiness comes from inside us.
"The American Dream" for my family is centered around our faith. We believe that you only get out of life what you put into it. We believe in the freedom of America and our right for equality.
Today's "American Dream" has lost its roots. The work ethic that once existed has been lost. Many Americans focus only on what they have and not on what type of people they have become. Our society has become driven by fame. Many set their dreams at an unrealistic goal and then are discouraged by their failure to reach this dream. The dream is still alive, but America just has to gain its enthusaim back.
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Classroom Lecture

"The American Dream" is not all that it is cracked up to be. Many come to America today in search for an easy road to fame and wealth. Many do not realize how materialistic our country has become. America has turned from a hard working country to a country that establishes its success by the items you posses. Not everyone has fallen into this trip. There still are hard working Americans fighting their way through life, but their path is not as easy as some might think. America is blessed with freedom and independence and that alone is worth celebration. America needs to remember that it is the mark we make that matters most and family and their happiness that matter most.
Your job and work ethic are no longer what define you. America has become driven by what's bigger and better. America needs to turn back the clock and put the attention back into family values. The future is bright for America and focus on the ideals that our country was founded on.
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