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Commercials and Humor

This prezi breaks down the critical aspects of how and why commercials are funny

Sarah Ford

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Commercials and Humor

when people see something that is ironic, they usually laugh because either it was expected ,or the end was the exact opposite of what happens or in real life. the irony of it is that many people see these surprises as funny because ironically they see something else that was different then what they expected,and hilarious at the same time. and many often end up buying the product that was advertised because it made them laugh Warning!!!!!!
This prezi may cause nausea
You have been warned Mr. Fields How Humor in Commercials Effects Us Neural Humor What do we find funny and why How do commercials use humor to help sell their products? Humor in
Teens and Adults How can this humor be potentially dangerous Opposed to... Presentation by:
Sarah Ford
Andrew Jones
Taylor G. Morey First, we are going to take a look at where humor actually comes from, and what causes it mentally. What kinds of things make us laugh? What do the things that make us laugh have in common? Ads use humor to open your mind. They could use factual evidence or statistics, but they know we won't pay as much attention to an ad stating they have the highest numbers, as you would, say, a dancing candy. Citations.....
http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/exchange/node/2053 (how the brain reacts to humor)

http://www.thinctanc.co.uk/words/comedy.html(whatdo we find funny

http://sciencenetlinks.com/lessons/the-laughing-brain-1/ (what happens when we find something funny)

(youtube video)
http://www.memorise.org/brain-articles/laughter-affects-brain-00734.html (site explains how laughter helps memory)

http://www.experience.com/alumnus/article?channel_id=advertising_marketing_pr&source_page=editors_picks&article_id=article_1128619972620 (explains why ads use humor)

http://www.funtasticzone.com/album/367-60-humorous-print-advertisements (Pictures)

Sauron's eye picture - http://vimeo.com/55174958

Key board FBI - http://www.cispacat.org/ Well, the things we find humorous usually vary, depending on our own views, memories, and experiences. And those things more often then not, will change due to age. Somethings we noticed as a group was that people usually laugh because...
You usually don't often see or hear it
You are shocked
It was unexpected
You expected it to happen
It is ironic
The possibility of it happening in real life in infinitesimal
"you can't be serious" humor One reason using humor in advertisements can be bad is that the actual mean of the advertisement can often be lost. And if a serious advertisement tries to use humor to promote their cause, people will most likely remember the funny part, and forget the real message. Do you remember any of these?
You probably do. It's been proven that when you laugh at something, you will usually remember it better. Which is probably why commercials use funny things in their commercials. If you remember something a lot, you will be more likely to use their product when it comes time to by that particular type of product Before we discuses exactly how commercials use humor to help sell their products, we are first going to look at a few commercials that clearly have humor in them. When a joke is told it travels through different parts of our brain passing by the left side of our cortex. A cortex is the part of our brain that analyzes the words of a joke, and how its structured. What parts of the brain are used
when a funny joke is told? The dancing candy will stick in your mind unlike the numbers stated in the advertisement with the giant wave. The companies know this. They understand that the cute teddy bear or the dancing candy will be remembered more then the number of natural disasters. Bad Influences Another problem of humor in commercials is definitely shown in this commercial... Distracting The humor used in ads can also become distractions in school or work. Since the humor makes you remember things more, it makes it easier to remember them say during a test, which then distacts you from your test and causes you to lose focus. Causing bad grades, which then leads to a whole chain of problems in the future. This commercial, although extremely hilarious, could give a impression of bad behavior, if it were seen by kids who didn't know better. Such as thinking that it is OK to start a all out brawl in a library, as long as you whisper. Not completely accurate, but depending how you view this ad, you could make the argument that this ad saying that if your in a dangerous situation, you should look it up on google first. In this instance, I would be running to find a tree to climb. Not pulling out my cell phone. So these kind of ads could impair judgement skills, such as seeing a grizzly bear, and choosing to pull out a phone to find out how to get away, rather than look for the nearest and easiest tree to climb. The frontal lobe of our brain controls how we feel about the joke.

The right hemisphere of the cortex of our brain is involved in analyzing the intellectual (or thinking) part of the joke. Now the sensory processing area of the optical lobe (the place that processes images) puts the visual signals together to "get" the joke.

And then the motor sections of our brain control how our body physically reacts to the joke. Ridiculous Humor Ridiculous humor can be classified as any thing that is extremely funny, or is so stupid that you have no choice but to laugh. Like this picture for example.
The ad is making the statement that their medication works so well, you'll be asleep fr so long and so deeply, every one will think your dead. Hense the girl waking up in a morgue. and this can be seen as rediculous because it is unrealistic that any medication could let you sleep that deeply, And while an adult's sense of humor usually depends on everything they've learned and know. A teen's sense of humor usually is limited by their opinions and what they believe to be true. Ironic Humor A teen's sense of humor is obviously different from an adult's. And that is because a teen's perspective of the world is different from an adult's, because the adult has been through more, and knows more than a teen does. And yes, they do know more than we do, despite what you think. Possible Solutions to these Problems We could try to not let commercials affect our judgements. As well as having a clear mind. Other than that, the only thing that can solve these problems is how we chose to view commercials and ads, and how we remember them. Thanks for watching
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