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Getting started with gradequick

A primer for beginners

Michael Robberson

on 13 August 2009

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Transcript of Getting started with gradequick

Getting started with gradequick - go to edline.net
- enter your id and password 1. Logging in 3. Navigation Menu Green - edit (for gradebook to gradebook copy
Yellow - to create a seating chart
Red - brings up various reports
Purple - allows you to change to different classes For first time users, download and install the gradequick plugin
(red arrow)

After that, simply select which semester you need to work in
from the menu options (yellow arrow) 2.Home page 4. Tasks enter an
assignment create a seating chart copy the same assignment
to multiple classes print a report Simply click in the empty space to the right of the assignment
area to add a new assignment Click on edit and
gradebook to gradebook copy Next, select the classes that you want to transfer from and to Finally, select test descriptions
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