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Use of devices in a supermarket

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Nikita Filippov

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Use of devices in a supermarket

The use of Devices in a modern supermarket Introduction In a modern society super markets use a wide range of different devices to make our shopping faster,easier and more enjoyable Input Devices
A modern supermarket has a big variety of different input devices such as keyboards, CCTV cameras, Bar code readers and and a lot more. CCTV Cameras CCTV cameras are an input device which helps guards of the supermarket to monitor, prevent crimes and in case a crime happens to have some evidence against the criminal A typical example of a CCTV camera in a supermarket Bar code readers A modern supermarket uses a bar code system which can speed up the process of checking in your products
A special strip is on the back of each thing is the supermarket and a special scanner can scan the code and automatically input the information such as the price and name.
It also updates the stock database and if the shop ran out of a particular product it will automatically contact and order the product from the suppliers. Sensors, keyboards A modern supermarket uses sensors for doors and keyboards.
Sensors are used in automatic doors and keyboards are used for typing in the bar code number in case the scanner or the actual codes are damaged. Output Devices A modern supermarket uses a wide range of output devices such as monitors, speakers the doors printers Printers are a very common output device which is used in many other places besides a supermarket.
There are many kinds of printers but their main job is to copy/ print out information in paper.
Printers that are used in a supermarket are dot matrix printers and their main purpose in a supermarket is to print out checks Printers Monitors, Speakers and Automatic doors Monitors are used in supermarkets to display information to the customers and workers and speakers are used to tell announcements. Automatic doors open when the sensors detects that a person is moving towards the door
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