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Patient Care

No description

Goretti Cervantes

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Patient Care

Interesting Careers
Patient Care
How does Patient Care help make sick people well?
Patient care involve careers such as ...

Nurse Anesthetist: A Nurse Anesthetist administers anesthesia to patients. If you are a nurse anesthetist, you have to be good under pressure and confront highly stressed situations.

Dental Hygienist: Dental Hygienist clean teeth and teach patients how to improve and maintain their oral health.
Why is this Pathway important?
Patient Care works hands-on directly with injured/ill individuals to get them back to good health.
This pathway takes the individual preferences and needs of a patient to help them get the right treatment.
Knowing the preferences and needs of patients also helps improve marketing/medical plans and new products in the long run.
Interesting Careers
Advice for Future Students
Patient Care Story
Amy is a mother of a 6 month year old girl, Anna. By the age of 29 Amy had already been a three-time survivor of cancer. Her first encounter of cancer when she was 17 years old. Amy describes her treatment as the best one she had ever gotten. Every second of the day the nurses and doctors were always there, helping her and making sure she wasn't in need of anything. She even says how thankful she is to the doctors and everyone who helped her dream come true of mothering her 6 month year old Anna.
By: Ishtiak Aziz, Britney Lomeli, Diana Tlachi, Tammy Tran, Goretti Cervantes
What's so Unique about this Pathway?
Kinesiotherapist: Kinesiotherapst use kinesiotherapy which is used to improve a patients strength, mobility, endurance.
I advise students to pursue a career in patient care because:
What would you say to future students to convince them to pursue a career in this pathway?
You will earn a good salary.
You're going to find a career that you actually like in this pathway.
You can always find a job in that pathway that is best fit for your educational plans.
If you decide to choose this pathway, they can help you pay for school.
You can make a difference!
There are always going to be sick people in the world. It's sad but true. So if there is always sick people then you're always going to have something to do when you go to work. And more work means more money. Yes, the amount of money you earn does matter but its more about the difference you make in other people's lives. When you make a difference it's a great feeling. It's just great knowing you helped someone in need. It's also a feeling that no one can ever take away from you. - Former Social Worker & Former Nurse

prevents, diagnoses, evaluates, treats, and manages the illness of patients
performs tests and procedures to help rid people of sickness and diseases
prescribes drugs and supplements that would help patients
communicates with patients so that they know how to deal with their sickness and what to do
Amy & Anna Woodbury
What problem does this pathway help solve
within the healthcare field?
A problem Patient Care helps to solve is the disconnection between the caregiver and the patient.
This pathway solves this problem by hiring people who have a “steady hand, keen skills, a sharp mind, brains, but also people who have a heart”
Schools are also helping solve this problem

Advice For Future Students
This pathways works with single individuals rather than entire communities.
This pathway is the first to respond when someone is injured or ill.
Workers in this pathway are paid more than workers in other pathways.
Workers in this pathway directly apply treatment to patients, giving medicine/surgeries, etc.
Tammy Tran
Goretti Cervantes
Tammy Tran
Patient Care Story
Goretti Cervantes
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Ishtiak Aziz
Ishtiak Aziz
Mark Staudt was a marathon runner until a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation stopped him from doing what he loved doing best. Two months after thinking it was hopeless of ever running again, he decided to go get treatment. He went to the Houston Methodist and got the best catheter ablation treatment. He describes all the medication and treatments as hell, but also the best thing that has ever happened because he got to run a marathon and continue to do what he loves best afterwards.
Britney Lomeli
Britney Lomeli

Diana Tlachi
Diana Tlachi
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